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Jayshree Roy  🌹the goddess of my own hell 🌹 🍁Snapchat- jazzzyy03. 🔽 Latest YouTube video.

only nineteen but she walks the street so mean

🌸a r t C r e a t e s a r t🌸
|| Take some time out, put your phone down, look around.
In the world full of technology we’re losing touch with reality, getting stuck in the virtual world.
We’re losing ourselves, the creativity that we have. Always checking for notifications we forget to check how beautiful that sunset was.
Go out for a walk, breathe. Talk to people, make memories, memories not on your snapchat but in your brains.
Read books, learn new things, know why blue is blue and why earth is the only planet where life exist.
Take sometime out.
Figure yourself out, and be yourself.
And more then that make art||

👽the person you’re trying to reach is emotionally unavailable right now👽

Pretty sure he don't wanna be my baby🥀

Not heartless just using my heart less. 🙃 #justlamecaptionsitellyou

I’m the kind of drug you need 🥀

D a y d r e a m i n g

I wasted so much of time typing this 😂😂

Now he's gone and he's calling me a bitch again.

Bad and bougee 🥀

Loves the drama she chose it.

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