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Jasmine Hwang  adventure is out there ✌🏻️but first, coffee β˜•οΈ | πŸ‘« @betheplebeian |πŸ“Los Angeles 🌴


Gingham just might be my new stripe this Spring #pleblife

Festival season is right around the corner 🌡 #pleblife

New kicks πŸ‘Ÿ #pleblife

The wind was beneath my hair, I mean my wings, that day πŸ₯ #pleblife

Balance #pleblife

Easy livin' #pleblife

Coffee & friends go together better than peanut butter and jelly #pleblife

Life is a breeze, walking it through with you πŸ’› #pleblife // πŸ“·: @damericano

The Louvre was easily my favorite place, and we didn't even go into the museum. Just being in the beautiful courtyard was enough to take my breath away 😍 #pleblife #plebtravel

I left my heart in Paris πŸ’” #pleblife #plebtravel

Everyday is Valentine's Day with you. Thank you for putting up with me in Paris--for letting me sleep til noon because I couldn't fall asleep til 4 or 5am most nights; for showing me all your favorite sights and spots; for taking me to see the Eiffel Tower three times from three different spots in the city even though you think it's hideous; for making everyday we were there "my day" because it was my first time in Paris; for letting me sit on the Metro when there was only one seat available and when your feet probably ached too...I could probably name hundreds more, but let's be real here. You're this way everyday and everywhere we go. You put me first always, and for this, I am always grateful. Even, no--especially, when I don't show it. I lava you πŸ”₯ #pleblife #plebtravel

Coffee just isn't the same anymore. Now, I'm on the hunt for espresso shots that give me the same feels as the ones in Paris. Anyone got any recommendations? #pleblife #plebtravel

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