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  2016 Miss Korea♛Director of Miss Teen Korea We are all fighting our own battles-so let’s be kind, be humble, and always be thankful for what we have

Thank you so much for this amazing weekend...🎈 I’m the luckiest girl 🥰😍🍓🍭❤️ So many cakes this weekend 🎂 #ladym #ladymcakes #millecrêpes #birthdaycake #cake

#Birthday Brunchin ~ Always wanted to try the kimchi fried rice here and it did not disappoint! Brace yourselves and Swipe ➡️ to be graced by deliciousness that is as yummy as it looks!!🍳🥞🍊💕 #브런치 #brunch

All this rain calls for snugglin up in my parka 🌧 . #겨울 #겨울패션 #라이프스타일

Sneak peek of this absolutely enchanted shoot 💗💕 Thank you to all the creative directors and staff who made this happen ~ 🌸🌼 Pure bliss being enraptured by the perfume of fresh flowers the entire shoot~ 🌸🌼 #bts #photoshoot #floral

let’s not think about it

Thank you so much Councilman @paulkrekorian for a great interview 📹about the renewable energy 💡 initiatives of the City of Los Angeles☀️🌬 I was very proud to hear that LA is working diligently to make the ambitious statewide goal for going 100% green, a reality on the city level 💚♻️🔋 #gogreen #renewableenergy #lacityhall

Making my way downtown with one of my new favorite backpacks from @gastonluga Whether it’s to work, hang out or study~ I’ve added this one to my daily wardrobe .
Use my code ‘JAZZYCHO’ for 15% off your order! Mine is the Classy Mini in Black 🖤 #GastonLuga #AnywhereWithGL #ad

💡Today was such an insightful day at the Palm Springs Windmill Farm (3rd largest windmill farm in California)☀️ I’ve always admired the gigantic wind turbines from afar, when driving past them on the freeway.. but today, I had the opportunity to actually go inside one! Terrifyingly beautiful.. Did you guys know that per second, the amount of energy generated through one wind turbine can power 1,000 homes? 🏡💡 .
I’ve been filming a documentary about renewable energy and have met with some awesome businesses and spoke with thought leaders about their renewable energy initiatives 🔋. I know it’s not the most glamorous topic, but it is our future. Good health starts with a happy planet 🌎 ♻️💚 #renewableenergy #gogreen #palmsprings

Today in #SanDiego And yeup.. this is what autumn looks like in Cali my friends🌴☀️

#Tomahawk and A5 #Wagyu 71 floors above ✨ This dinner was perfect 🐝❤️ Been wanting to try this place ~ Thank you ~ #DTLA #laboucherie

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