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Jazz Jennings  Divine Feminine Mermaid Fairy Princess Warrior Goddess🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️💫🌈💁🏽‍♀️ 🌟Believer in freedom & love 🌟Grateful to be existing 🌟Be who you are

Tonight is the finale of #IAmJazz Season 5— a truly life-changing season💖 Thank you so much to my family for being the best support system I could ask for. I am the most privileged person on the planet to have such incredible people accompanying me on every step of my journey and always embracing my authentic identity. I love you all so so so so much!!🥰❤️ And thank you to my incredible fans as well for following my story and being so kind, supportive, and loving. I'm sorry that I'm not the most active on social media and I don't interact with you all as much I can, but your acceptance is so valuable, and your attitudes toward trans people are changing the world for the better🌟💕 I love you all😘 Be sure to tune in tonight at 9/8c on @TLC for the FINALE❤️❤️❤️

This photo is so awesome it looks photoshopped!! Anyway, big CHEERS to @griffen_4 and @sander_54 for their 21st Birthday!!🎉🍻

Griffen: You are remarkable in every way and excel effortlessly at everything you put your mind to. You are incredibly kind, brilliant, compassionate, supportive, charismatic, and a wonderful friend/brother. I know you will go on to achieve great things— your success is imminent as evidenced by your confident attitude and approach to life❤️

Sander: You never cease to amaze us all. You are creative, ambitious, charming, spontaneous, loving, passionate, thoughtful, and bold in your ideas!! It has been a wonder to watch you progress along your path and embrace your unique identity. You have come so far and you will only take it even further in the future. You are unstoppable!💪🏽🌟

I love you both so much! Thank you for being the best big brothers a sister could ask for!💖 Happy 21st!🎊

Edit: I’m hearing that the Big Ben is under construction, but this really isn’t photoshopped! It was taken two and half years ago!😜

I Am Woman by Helen Reddy

We all have the Divine Feminine spirit within us! Be bold, be confident, CREATE!🌟 We are in a New Age💖🌈✨

Love you all❤️

Say hello to my ever-changing form!✨You can judge her all you want and comment that I’m fat, unattractive, a man, etc., or you can think those things in your head, but I know my own beauty and worth, and nothing that you say can stop me in my tracks!💁🏽‍♀️I love you all, and I hope this inspires you to be confident and realize that beauty has no limitations!🧜🏽‍♀️💖💫

Anyway, I have never really flaunted my body in this way before as I’ve faced a ton of insecurities in the past about my weight. As many of you know, I have severe struggles when it comes to binge-eating, but lately I have been taking control of my life and being more conscious about what I put into my body. My sister has been such an inspiration for me— her mantra of treating her body like a temple is so true and effective🙌🏽 It’s super hard because food is SO DAMN GOOD, but my health is important and I know I will succeed while still being able to eat what I want in a controlled manner. I got this and so do all of you in everything you try!💪🏽🌈✨

Watch how I designed my bra with @knixteen on the new episode of #IAmJazz tonight at 9pm on @TLC !!!💜💜💜 Click the link in my bio to shop!

✨Meet Sparkles✨ When I was three years old, I named myself that. I know, I know, it sounds like something you’d name a pet. But I just loved everything sparkly, glittery, and shiny (those all mean the same thing😅). Anyway, looking at old photos helps to remind me of how precious I am. We are all so precious. Always look at yourself in such high regard— you are so valuable and deserving. Sparkles is here to say that life is fun, and we all just have to let go and enjoy the ride, even in the face of contrast!✨🌟💫

Interviewer: How would you describe yourself?
Me: I'm a Divine Feminine Mermaid Fairy Princess Warrior Goddess🧜🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️💫🌈💁🏽‍♀️
Interviewer: Okay, werk.
I love this look from @denimthefilm styled by the talented @marissa.menezes
directed by: @dadadayru
makeup by: @husseyface .
Proud of all of the powerful women who have been trailblazers for change in the age of the #DivineFeminine 🌀 This #WomensHistoryMonth let’s honor how far we've come, and remind ourselves how much further we’ll go!

I was channeling something powerful this morning and wrote this poem and message. Happy March, I Love you all💕🌈 —
“This is a hard world to live in. Vibrationally, Earth is the densest planet in our Universe and has experienced so much turmoil, pain, and suffering. We have all experienced this in both our individual and collective ways. It is time now, however, for our world and its inhabitants to soar to new heights as the vibration of the planet shifts. We are the ones causing the shift. There has been too much suffering, and we are all over it. In our hearts, we know that love is the answer. Love is the truth. However, it is hard to accept love into your heart in every waking moment here on earth when not everyone is practicing it and living it. We must all live it. In our suffering, we have asked for change. We have prayed, we have cried, we have died over and over again, and now we want Change. And so a wave of change is coming. Our helpers are here guiding us. And the change will be indefinite. So feel peace now, knowing that everything will be okay. Knowing that the world must fall apart before it can be built back up. Everything we thought we knew will be absolved by the truth of love. Indefinitely, love will persevere. Indefinitely, we will exist on a plane of love and joy and unity. Oneness. No more fear, no more worry, no more doubts. Just love. Watch and see.”

Meditation has by far been the most effective habit in alleviating my mental health issues. As many of you know, I have experienced severe anxiety and depression for a large portion of my life. My primary enemy has always been my mind; when you continuously overthink everything, it’s easy to form negative thought patterns about yourself and others. You literally become a prisoner to your own thoughts. I have tried various anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and anti-anxiety medications, but the mental pain never truly goes away until you become a conscious observer and deliberate thinker. We are in the age of awakening— a time when people are realizing how thoughts become things, and how thinking positively results in manifesting an improved reality for yourself. Meditation is vital for many reasons: 1) it helps clear your mind, 2) it allows you to foster a connection to the Source within you, 3) it keeps you grounded and ready to enjoy the ensuing day, 4) it ensures that you are thinking deliberately about what you want in life, etc. Overall, the process of meditation and breathing has and will continue to change my life. I hope it can help change yours too!💖🌈💫 ................................
Unknowingly taken by @dsjay
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#Ad I’m SO excited to be partnering with @gillettevenus on their new #MySkinMyWay campaign💙💙💙 Did you know that 87% of women say they wish they didn’t feel so much pressure to follow rules about how their skin should look? With this campaign, Venus wants to do its part to right those rules👏🏽👏🏽 As women, it seems like there are so many rules placed on our skin that we’re expected to follow—we’re told we shouldn’t show too much skin, can’t have cellulite, have to be smooth and hairless all the time—you know the drill🙄 But that’s NOT what most women look like! Whether you shave or not, Venus is here to say that ALL women and ALL types of skin are beautiful💫This campaign means so much to me—not only because I’ve used Venus razors for years, but because I’ve faced insecurities about my own skin my entire life. It’s so awesome that a brand like Venus is embracing all types of beautiful skin💗🌈🌟 Head to the link in my bio to learn more about this amazing campaign!☺️💕

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“Looks like your mind is expanding forever.” - @arishay It surely is!! We are all in an eternal state of becoming. Our expansion is never-ending❤️🧡❤️ Catch a new episode of #IAmJazz tonight at 9pm on @tlc 💘 Your mind will be blown!!💥🤯
Captured by the executive producer of I Am Jazz, @dsjay

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