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Puff Mami 🥀  radio babe by day, video vamp at night. 1/4 Veda Loca in the Morning

I never did a birthday post for myself so..here it goes. 25 was definitely not what I expected. Made lots of mistakes, overcame a lot of my fears, and still haven’t managed to pay off some of those speeding tickets 🤦🏾‍♀️ but it’s all good cause God Blessing ya girl with another year to fulfill responsibility here on Earth + Spread Love. So ummm..🍾 Cheers to me taking my vitamins everyday, texting back, finishing edits ON TIME while producing more content, not being afraid of all God’s wild plans for next year, and posting more baddie pics 😍😋📸 #26 #TwentyThick #TwentySlick #TwentyLIT

Don’t be a loser. Today is the last day to register. ✊🏾

Being on radio now has changed my life soooooo much, but being around my #PVNATION crew this weekend at Bar Louie (S/o Ft. Worth Alumni Chapter) and at the Cotton Bowl was so heartwarming. We’re more than just a college, we are SERIOUSLY a family. I love y’all! 💜✨

Thanks again @theonlycorae for trusting ya girl to host the Kickoff Party for #StateFairClassic ! @djflip6 and @ari_thedj def did their thing! I’ll see y’all at the Cotton Bowl later! Kickoff is @ 4 PM Sharp! Let’s go Panthers! #PVNATION 💜✨🐾

Today we realized we have a LOT to learn about “golf etiquette” 😂🤷🏾‍♀️ #WeLoveEachOtherInRealLife #NotJustOnRadio #Family #liveandloca 📸: @ovidmedia

Bruh man from the 5th flo to the Golf Course 🤦🏾‍♀️💀 @bruhman_5flo #dangjazzibanotherboomerang

I know y’all looking for plans for #PVvGRAM ...don’t be boujee LADIES grab yo fine ass friends and come to Villa! EPIC #PVNATION link up with @ari_thedj ! Our first function EVER together..and if you never been to a PV party (or never partied with me) WELL HERES YOUR MOMENT! 😎✨✨✨✨

Only 10 days until the #StateFairClassic and @djphil04 want the smoke for some reason I dunno?! #PVNATION let this loser know he don’t want us to GET THE STRAP! #GramFam #GSPoo DROP SOME 💜💛💜💛💜💛 IF YOU PVAMU! 🎬 @ovidmedia

I’m a DIE HARD Cowboys fan, so when @kevinhart4real started talking shxt I had to come for him lol. Even though I wanted to say “female co-star” (my nervous ass) his reaction was still priceless 💀 #dangjazzibanotherboomerang

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