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Jazz Ang 

Grey Jedi in darkness we give light.

Grey Jedi outfit

Dear all Pokémon Trainer.
What r u having for snacks??
Here is my snack for the day, Pigdey.
Nicely bbq with sauce n some Pokémon eggs too.
N omg a Rattata trying to snatched my snacks.
The world isn't save any more...
Wild Pokémon running amok stealing food.
At Takashimaya.

What's ur lunch?

Lotong for lunch, cooked by my boss

Grilled fish with peri peri sauce

Have u seen this model of public phone before? It is available at my workplace n today it is retiring.

Lunch time!! Vegetarian curry!!

Bread crumbs chicken cutlet

Myanmar colleague's birthday, so she made Myanmar laksa for our lunch

Hoji Shiratama Float

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