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Jazmin Sawyers  ◇ olympian ◇ singer ◇ adidas sponsored long jumper ◇ made in Stoke-on-Trent ◇ never not celebrating #microvictories 🚀 LATEST YOUTUBE VIDEO⤵️

Tomorrow, I jump against the rest of the continent.

European indoor championships. At home. 🇬🇧 what an honour.

10am BBC 2 💪🏽

I’ve been so lucky to be supported by @realisestates for the last two years due to the generosity of @duncanmathieson, and am extremely grateful that this support is continuing in the lead up to Tokyo in the form of this new car!

If you scroll, you can see quite how I feel my new Golf 😃 Modelled, I’m sure you’ll agree, quite wonderfully by @erin_mathieson and myself!

Having a sponsor is one thing, but having a sponsor who cares about and is invested in you as a person as well as an athlete, is there in person at every event they can possibly be at, and is there to offer advice and mentorship at times of both disappointment and success makes an incredible difference.

Duncan, thank you for your kindness, guidance and support, and thank you to you and your family for always being there cheering me on! Doing my best to do you proud!

New boosts, sunset, and a cracking jumps session makes for one happy egg. 🥚🌚.
@adidasrunning #UltraBOOST #createdwithadidas

When ya got long jump at 3 but swimming lessons at 5

I’ll see you at the European champs.

I’ve been picked to once again pull on the GB vest and represent my country at the European indoor championships, a privilege that I never get tired of.

Delighted to be selected, determined to do myself justice.

Two weeks to go.

Pic by the always fantastic @oliverh83 📸

Not my best day, but God do I love seeing people achieve things that mean a lot to them!

Congrats @jays_craze on your guaranteed Europeans spot, I’ll be back in Birmingham next week to try and convince the selectors to give me one too!

6.21m and 6th was my result, but last year I really, truly learned how patience is one of the most important qualities of an elite athlete, so I’m being patient, and trusting my training!

Thanks for a lovely pic @draw.media !

Minimum wind resistance, ready to jump far 🥚

Wondering how useful long jump skills are in real life. Jumping over puddles is pretty much the only practical thing I’ve come up with.

Any ideas?

8 days til I get to look like a Who of Whoville in the air again

My stupid smug face after realising I wasn’t in a bad mood at all, I was just hungry

I used to think photographers were constantly catching my worst moments but I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I just look like this

I’ve noticed lately I’ve been finding it easier to do the things that I know I should be doing.

My recovery, sleeping right, eating well, it’s coming much easier than it used to.

I didn’t even have to ask myself why, I already know - I want this more than ever. It’s like something has hit me, in a way that I assumed it already had. I just desperately want to succeed.

Choosing ‘action’ as my word of the year couldn’t have been more perfect. (and it may still be January but this month has been at LEAST a year long amirite)

I know what I want, and I’ll work ‘til I get it.
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