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Yasmine Al Massri 

I pray for your love to shine happiness harmony and hot BABIES !!!!! Lov you @priyankachopra the universe listens to beautiful souls.. it’s your time to be the happiest most beautiful bride ❤️ #love #love #love

🦁 is #worldlionday

In this picture there is a Syrian woman, a Tunisian woman and a half Palestinian half Egyptian born in Lebanon woman.. who want to observe, reflect, and then use their instincts and senses to see the future.. that’s what I see me doing with lobna and Abeer beside eating donuts 🍩 😂 #womenhood with #vision for a #future

The boy and the stick old classical that comes back from one generation to another across borders and governments.. here is to boys and sticks discovering the world in peace any where they are #children #peace #curiosity #nature

As quantico gets wrapped today.. I feel like saying: Take this Hollywood... those women were friends and they saved the day.. every producer in town and every network is making sure there is a diverse cast on screen.. not because they are all romantic and idealist but because they saw that a fair representation of world ethnicities.. cultures.. ideologies.. political views.. means more viewers around the world, more distribution deals, more money 💰.. next challenge is equality in pay, diversity in content, to diversity in stories.. to diversity in narratives and way of thinking.. to ethics and morality becoming cool again in running sets, to actors looking different and sounding different.. I am very proud of having been a part of that journey with you @priyankachopra @thejohannabraddy .. #women to #change the #world one #story at a time.. keep watching your #quantico over and over.. thank you josh safran for having started this dream and made it possible for every actor on that show to be a part of showing the future of story telling in Hollywood.. and the biggest thank you is to you @samijrattner for having created this sexy mother F bad ass outfit and made kids in@so many places around the world want to be FBI agents so they can look so sexy !!

Lov you @priscillia_kh_beah because you hate selfies and because you are the best writer I met in this town ! Can’t wait for the entire world to see your stories.. sunset in Santa Monica is magic with good friends wine and cigarettes #sunset #friends #wine #cigarette #stories #life #friendship we miss you @mizzketchupjarz ❤️

#summer 🍦





What the fuck was that @bootsriley ??? The best movie I’ve seen made in the USA to challenge my heart and my brain and put me on fire !!! You can’t miss that movie if you care about what’s happening in the world, if you love a good artistic unconventional fun movies 🎥 thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! For a wonderful film and for suggesting Hollywood can inspire the world and be good again @sorry2botheryou #film #life #music #love #capitalism #sorrytobotheryou #money and much more

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