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Yasmine Al Massri  I am learning everyday about who I am and I am thankful for my fans love and support riding with me on that journey .. 🙏🏻❤️

Jerusalem is not yours to give Mr trump, it’s the land where Jewish, Christians, Muslims, and atheist people have lived together, it’s identity was shaped by history of people who learned to live in it together in peace, people who learned how to love it and belong to its old Brick stone houses and small streets, it has never been about a religion taking over another.. Palestine is not a religious country or identity. it has never been, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.. and Jerusalem is the heart of that identity.. the heart of the culture of this region, I am very very sad to see the Israeli occupation of Palestine that started in 1948 is still developing into an ugly violation of every human right and every common sense of what is right and what’s wrong, the lack of ethical reflection on the occupation.. the lack of reflection on the future of peace in the region with such abusive politics.. at the same time I never felt more empowered to say : wait a minute, who said trump or Israel can get away with what ever they want ? No body can just redefine a whole nations future or take away there identity from them just like that.. they can vote and sign what ever bullshit papers they want, they can cheer up for them selves and Celebrate in front of cameras, they can send more tanks into the streets and kill and jail more people, but they can not and will never take away from any men or women their identity and belief of who they are, I chose not to accept your bullshit mr trump and I chose to declare my self free from the Israeli occupation and any occupation of any bullying country or culture against another anywhere around the world 🌍 #jerusalemisthecapitalofpalestine

I feel like Batman walking back home after a long flight while the city is sleeping 😴 hello #losangeles I missed u.. can’t wait to jump in bed and hug my Liam with our waking him up 🧐 praying the night will calm down the wind.. 🙏🏻

I had to do one last thing before heading to the airport.. #dance thank u @pierredulaine for creating the #dancingclassrooms #ballroomdancing program and integrating it in the public educational programs to allow kids in New York to learn how express them selves and communicate with other’s body with respect through dance.. #blessed to be able to have fun with enrico and connect with my #passion for few minutes 💃🏻

Every one goes home for Christmas.. the big city gets empty except of tourists. But when home is far.. friends become the place you hold on to, to get a familiar sense of who u are. I am so happy to have been in New York around that time to make this tree, talk about life and laugh with you @priyankachopra see u soon my friend #friends #family #christmastree in #newyork 🎄🌃🎄🌃🎄🌃🎄💋❤️

And that’s a wrap on yasmine al massri. Thank u #lawandordersvu .. thank u @therealmariskahargitay @kelligiddish @rauleesparza for having me the time of an amazing story. Can’t wait to share more about what a learning experience this has been.. more to come.. #blessed #wraped #newyork

🎧 💻 📝 🎥 😴 💤 .... #tobecontinued #sleeptime

The moon is full tonight 🌕 I believe that we are some how one with everything that we don’t know yet about the other planets and stars, are you looking at the moon tonight ? #fullmoon


I look like my grand father when I get angry 😠 he was from Yafa and he told the best stories... #yaffa #palestine

So proud that the universe conspired for us to be in the same city to make this tree @priyankachopra #ritual #freinds and new friends @maneeshkgoyal @andreabosca #christmastree 🎄 🎄 🎄

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