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Yasmine Al Massri 

You can’t be Arab and not have a sense of humor ! @realmoamer thank you for showing that side of our culture to the world 🌎 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #humor #comedy #culture #arabsinamerica #funny

I am fascinated with airports architectural designs, esthetic, themes.. airports are those weird places where we pass by cities, people.. a space where the only time that matters is your boarding flight.. I filmed this on my way back from PARIS #charledegauleairport .. just love the multimedia technology and the contrast with that chair on the beach photo.. #travel #learn #inspire #france #esthetics #architecture #technology

One of the reasons I love my job as an actor is to have the opportunity to meet the fellow actors that I love.. i mean that I had a crush on 🤓 if you watched #flashdancemovie you will know what I mean @michaelnouriofficial 😍🔥😍🔥😍

Tonight in Los Angeles with Abby Disney, Shamil Idriss and my crush Thandie Newton celebrating Peace Building Heroes from Nepal, Sierra Leone and Yemen.. thank you for teaching me about amazing women and men working on the frontlines and behind the scenes to end violent conflict around the world.. thank you my @locsi5 for inviting me @levelforward I am in love with the badass #abigaildisney .. #thandienewton #levelforward #searchforcommonground

This just made my day... my babies @triojoubran are on fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #music #palestine #love #art #culture #palestinianmusicians @adnanjoubran @samir_joubran @wissamjoubran #proudmama 🇵🇸

What an amazing day @girlrising .. yesterday was #internationaldayofthegirl #newyork #hp thank you @iamishasesay for bringing this my way @themakeagency my beautiful friend and advocacy agent for staying awake at night trying to book flights between Nice LA and NY .. it’s amazing to be a woman it’s even more amazing to be a woman who takes a little girl’s Hand and rise

Rehearsals Tonight New York will put you on fire 🔥 for every little girl there thinking she so forgotten or alone.. @girlrising it’s such an honor to be here #girlrising @thejaynabrown 🔥


You go @realmoamer !!! I have that document baby and I am proud of you and me ! Don’t miss this hilarious guy on @netflix !! #thevagabond

When u tell me I have 17 hours of flying #face

I was always fascinated with Airport #streetstyle until I realized that it’s whatever you did not wear while on your trip that ends up on you because you did not do laundry 😶 and #attitude

Just You and I #paris I’ll miss you, I’ll miss intellectual conversations with wine and simplicity.. I’ll miss struggling complaining artist friends.. I’ll miss opinions and arguments about what’s happening in the world, god, sex and movies.. I’ll miss People’s tired sharp elegant faces in the street.. I’ll miss my mom who I’ll leave here because I know you will take good care of her, because Egyptian or American or Chinese or Russian, if you are sick and you are a human being you have the right to medical care for free in france 🇫🇷 .. not to mention eduction.. I am heading back to my second home America and in my heart I feel energized and proud to witness and be a part of my sisters and brothers fight to make this amazing country a more socially, environmentally, humanly, aware power.. #travel #learn #share .. #mylife .. 🌎 à bientôt paris ❤️

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