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I’m not one who will say you need to do this and that. I will just advise on what you can do based on what you want. My knowledge honestly has come from the many people I workout with throughout the 5years. My body has gone into many shapes & I’ve sculpted it differently based on what I want. Not what others expect of me & I do it because I love it not because I want to impress others. I’m the biggest critique & the meanest when it comes to myself. I listen to advise, I hear the people but I’d like to say there’s no wrong or right. I respect & I take every opinions. I’m not certified but I teach what I know & I help however I can. Certain workout works for some not all & it goes down to how it works for your body. I’m honest when I say, I don’t do chest at all other than push ups. I get people telling me I should, I need, I have to. NO, it’s my choice not to. I just refuse to, no matter what you say & how you try to convince. I build my body as to how I want to. Please respect everyone’s decisions as to what they want or what is their goal because I always believe goals change overtime like mine. Go for what you’ve put your mind to, not what people say you must or have to. You do you, always always id say that. Be your own kind of beautiful because you own you. Let naysayers be faded voices. 💪🏻🙌🏻
Do what makes you feel good.
I hope I can encourage someone out there who are struggling listening to the unnecessary voices. Take the positive & turn negative to something positive. Channel it to what makes you feel the best ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯

@houseofchampionsmy is my happy place that exhaust me 🤣🙈
#adidasMY #fitnessmotivation #fitness #encouragetomotivate

This is how I look at people talking behind my back. Givin em more to talk from behind 😉
What did u say? What what? 🤣🙈
I got it from half my mama & half working hard...but still working on it 😅
May the stomach be flatter & bum be fatter 🙌🏻💯
Anyway just wanna say, everyone is beautiful in your own way. Whatever with me because you do you, you feel better in however you are. Don’t be beautiful for anyone but yourself ❤️

To my two favourite people & my jimuis, once again Happy Birthday. I love you both equally & thanks for always colouring my life. Making it complete, @mandaa.cme you’re so precious always caring for everyone & amazing the way you are!
@eelynnlai thanks for being my confidant & guiding me. Plus u made it halfway to surprise us even tho its to celebrate for you despite being sick 🙈😭
Love you both ❤️
May the both of you be blessed abundantly.

Big thanks @6senses_gastro_bar for arranging this dinner for the birthday girls ❤️

Is you feeling lucky? Me think so cause i have 3 ITS THE SHIP cabins to give out to ya’ll!!!
All yous got to do is tag 3 friends & tell me why you would like to bring them along. Also don’t forget to follow @itstheship oh & me (will check ;) !!! Ya’ll better hurry cause Asia’s Largest Festival at Sea is just about a month away!! *Cabins exclude gratuities of SGD63 per person*
Swimwear: @urban_niche
Shades: @urban_eyewear_

#its2018 #mother5hip #itstheship2018 #itstheship #itstheship18

Lingeries are to be worn inside?
Says who? @victoriassecretmy lingerie store landed & everything looks like it’s supposed to be worn out. It’s too 💯 to sleep in it. I’m deff wearing this out, maybe girls night out not grocery shopping but then again why not 😉

Thanks beautiful @sherylnsy for helping me take this picture ❤️❤️
#VSLovesKL #VictoriaSecretMy #victoriasecret #lingerie #jazwearthat #ootd

Popping cherries at the Launch of the Naked Cherry Palette by @urbandecaycosmetics 🍒
Setup was sick & best part “All-You-Can-Drink & Eat”
Makeup,Food/Drinks, Music & Friends.
Check out the next pic for my sizzling hot #abangfiregirls 🔥🔥🔥
Thanks for having me #UrbanDecayMy #urbandecaycosmeticsmalaysia #udmalaysia
My top is from @zaloramy thanks to @iraroslan ❤️😘
#zalora #zaloraMy
Boots thanks to @bashclothing_ babes ❤️❤️

All I need is sun,sand,tan,salt water,shades & my swims.
I’m always happy to come home a golden roast.
Secretly wanna make a career out of surfing & be an islander(already am In my heart)mom taught me how to climb a coconut tree. Maybe my next life would allow. 🙌🏻❤️
I legit lived next to the beach at 14 with my mom at her hometown for a month(not one that’s fancy & had hotel pillows) but I loved every bit of experience
Swims & Shades from: @urban_niche @urban_eyewear_ for my video shoot here in perhentian ❤️

Was I scared? Uhh hell naw!! I trust @nizarhashim for sure & look at that winning shot!! Dammn everyone looking fine as hell.💯🙌🏻

#adidasMY #adidasOriginals #PROPHERE #giftedbyadidas

Yours truly went down & dirty for this shoot, literally! Spot me in a bridge while @nizarhashim did his cool skateboarding trick & it was sick 😎
But what’s on my feet is even better 😉
#PROPHERE #adidasOriginals #adidasMY #giftedbyadidas

What do I want from a lipstick? Everything the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Shade 777 'Ultra Star' can offer.
#BuroxDiorMY #RougeDiorUltraRouge

I’ve found the confidence a red lip can bring in the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Shade 777 ‘Ultra Star’. #BuroxDiorMY #RougeDiorUltraRouge

Can't wait to unwind with my girl squad this Friday at #LoveScotch Festival!
Come join me at Malaysia's first Scotch whisky festival where you'll get to indulge in whiskies from the 4 corners of Scotland, taste decadent food and groove along to great entertainment.
I have two pairs of tickets to give away. All you have to do is tag a friend whom you wanna go with and tell me why you want to join us at the festival. It's that simple!

I'll be choosing the two winners tomorrow evening, so hurry and comment. You could stand a chance to hang with me and my girls this Friday.

By the way, the festival is open to public. For more information, check out @thesingletonmy

#LoveScotchMY #TheSingletonMY

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