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アドベンチャー  D R U M S // M O D E L // F O T O S W H I S K E Y + W A N D E R L U S T S T Y L E • F I R S T above all things i love skittles photography ➡️ @yahzay


one of the most emotional times in my life ever. maybe i will tell you more about it. maybe not. (📸: @sarah_morgan_92)

ok i lied. i did another one with my muse. isn't she just magical? gonna miss this one.

i was able to get one more creative shoot in before heading to the best coast next week. one thousand percent natural. (📸: @yahzay)

eat the rich. 📸: @fzipperer

even when i'm not alone sometimes i feel alone.

no such thing as too many drums.

don't let someone find you until you find yourself. (in frame @mila.bozzetti)

many of you know that i will be embarking on a major life transition in a few weeks and it has rocked my entire being. i feel as if i'm leaping off of a cliff with the hopes of figuring it out before i reach the bottom. this feather is a constant inspiration and question of, "will i fly?" thank you @grayfaun for your art.

birthday perch. #boss

desert trekker. (📸: @jonathanscales)

my first trip to Africa was such an eye-opening experience. i can't wait to tell you all about it.

hump day.

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