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J A Z - Fitness  Aussie ✈️ @Doyoueven athlete JAZ10 Owner @madstrengthtraining | sustainable results💪🏽 👇🏽WORLDWIDE CLOSE-CONTACT COACHING👇🏽

This routine is perfect for easing back into the gym. I do this type of @madstrengthtraining workout if I’ve had to take a few days break due to flying or being sick and when I’m wanting to hit my whole body to get back into training again. -
. -
✔️ DB Front Squats To Shoulder Press (15 reps x 4 sets) -
✔️ Stiff Leg Deadlift To Bent Over Row (15 reps x 4 sets) -
I also added some machine accessories (leg curl, leg extension, seated row) and lat raises to finish off.-
Wearing the @doyoueven excel shorts and crop in Grey. I wear a size small and fits perfectly. No digging in or moving around. It’s high waisted so it makes me feel super comfortable and held in. You can use code JAZ10 for a storewide discount 😍 A lot of you have asked about these shorts in red and yes, it is sold out😭😭 Don’t miss out of the grey too! This colour goes with everything. It’s also an extra 20% off❤️
- - -

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Every week I speak to so many amazing people wanting to learn more about the online coaching I offer @madstrengthtraining. The majority of the inquiries start out like: “I’ve tried everything but I’ve failed every time” or “no matter what I do, I can’t get results” or “I don’t have motivation and I can’t stick to any diet”. -
I just want to take a moment to point out that (while I’m all for taking ownership of the past) in many cases you did not fail, the plan failed you. - There is nothing wrong with you. - You do have motivation. - And you CAN get results. -
If you tried to stick to some kind of low calorie or elimination diet, but couldn’t, that is not a bad thing! These plans were never meant to be sustainable and you were set up to “fail” from the beginning. Stop beating yourself up. - There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Many “4 week challenges” and other similar plans are designed to get great before and after photos, NOT look at the long term picture or results. They are not designed to be long lasting. Long lasting results may not produce as vast 4 week transformation (although they often do) BUT they do give a much better 3 month, 1 and 5 year transformation, not just aesthetically but also in terms of overall health, energy, spiritually and mentally. -
A few points here:
✔️Focus on education and get help from a coach who believes in educating their clients. Motivation can come and go but education lasts. - ✔️Find the right coach for you that is wanting to help you achieve in long term, sustainable results. - ✔️ Run away from one size fits all plans. You are unique and special and have your own needs, your needs are not the same as the average of what the group needs. - ✔️Stay positive and keep yourself talk from a place of love. - ✔️Lastly, don’t let anything that’s happened in the past define your future. -
If you need more help or would like to learn about online coaching with me and @madstrengthtraining then DM or email me now (link in bio).

Probably the prettiest private pool I’ve ever been too😍 -
I’m in need of some travel inspo! What’s your favourite hotel or resort in the world? 😍✈️

❤️Read below!❤️-
Wearing @doyoueven JAZ10 for 10% off!
The moment that this concept really “clicked” for me was the exact moment that everything changed. Obviously this can be applied to everything from business to relationships but here I want to focus on fat loss, body composition or fitness goals. -
Firstly, I’d like to point out that when I say “don’t create excuses” I’m not trying to sound like your cliche fitness mate who yells: “no excuses, don’t question anything.. just train until you vomit and eat your chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life” as that’s stupid.
I’m talking about the times we make up excuses that aren’t real. There’s a lot of reasons we make excuses and I’ll have a deeper discussion on my blog but let’s touch on some important points:
Excuses are often created because we don’t want to do something. This is normal and everyone feels like this at times so be honest with yourself. Instead of making up an excuse, admit that you don’t want to do it. Once you do this, you take back the control and can find a solution to overcome it. Eg “there’s no time to exercise”. Really you’re saying: “I prefer spending time doing other things other than exercise”. By knowing this, you can find a way to make it more enjoyable.
A lot of our excuses will often stem from fears and a fear of failure. If you make up an excuse before you tried, then you didn’t really fail.. right? Well that depends on what you define as failure but in order to get ahead, start thinking of failure to start as real failure. That “failure” that could happen as a result of you giving it your all? That’s not real failure, that’s just part of the process.
How to minimise excuses and maximise results?
- have a clear vision.
- Believe you can.
- Follow a plan that’s right for YOU! It must be sustainable and long sighted.
- find a type of training you love and make it fun. - Educate yourself and surround yourself with the right people to support your goals.
- When you find yourself coming up with excuses, ask yourself “what’s the real reason?” And find a way to overcome it.

Since posting my before and after photo the other day, I have had soooo many messages asking about the changes I’ve made between the two photos (since being coached by @nmadder )-
As I mentioned, I am literally doing so much less work now and my day to day life is a whole lot more enjoyable. But the important thing is, I’ve found the balance, my priorities have changed and I’m still following a plan (just a different kind). -
I train less, a lot less. But I’m stricter with reaching my step goal. -
I eat treats every day (80/20 rule) but I track my food and I don’t feel the need to have a giant untracked cheat meal. -
In the first photo, I genuinely thought I was doing everything right and I couldn’t understand why I looked and felt the way I did (who can relate to that?!) I hear the same thing time and time again from new clients that are starting with us at @madstrengthtraining . -
One thing that’s really evident is that, restricting yourself, cutting out food groups and no longer allowing yourself enjoyment from food often leads to other issues. I find that this kind of approach tends to make people want to binge, whether that be in the form of a weekly cheat meal or an entire month post comp/photoshoot/reaching a goal. Eating “clean” all week and having one massive cheat meal can easily throw your overall calories off and take you out of a deficit, thus stopping any weight loss progress.
Similarly, if you eat as you feel, even if that’s only “clean” foods, and you train a lot and hard, you’re likely to feel pretty damn hungry and potentially overeat. -
Personally, the answer that’s worked best for myself and my clients is to find out exactly what you need to reach your goals and then track food and allow tracked treats throughout the week. Obviously it’s best to eat mainly whole-foods (80-90%) but theres nothing wrong with still eating the things you love, even if that’s a bit of processed food here or there… Just don’t overdo them and ensure you’re getting all of your micronutrients. -
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Who’s hitting the gym today? What are you training? It’s leg day for me.-
Remember, it’s completely normal to experience motivation in waves. It comes and goes. There will be plenty of times when you don’t “feel” like going. -
My advice.. take your planned rest days (for me it’s 2-3 days per week) and ensure you’re fueling your body with everything it needs. -
However, you can still do these things and still have times were you feel unmotivated.. again, totally normal! Focus on still turning up and doing something. Take the pressure away by allowing yourself the goal of only doing a short workout (20 mins). Once you’re there, there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay longer. If not, at least you did something, you stayed in routine and you are progressing in the right direction, so well done! -
One last thing to remember: motivation will always come and go but education will not. Educate yourself and use it to drive you at times where motivation is lower. This is the number one focus at @madstrengthtraining and how our clients are able to achieve real, long-lasting results and actual transformations. -
Wearing @doyoueven Excel range in red! Grab this one at 20% off for Valentine’s Day now! As always, you can get 10% store wide with my code JAZ10 at checkout ❤️❤️-
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Happy Valentine’s Day to this hottie @nmadder ❤️❤️
What a crazy year we’ve had. So many big milestones and so many more to come. -
Thanks for being the best friend, husband and business partner I could ever ask for.

Lying in bed planning my busy day ahead but also kinda plotting my next getaway 😍☀️✈️-
Work has been sooooo busy! So much goal smashing going down with my @madstrengthtraining clients. The days have been long and the hustle has been real but gosh I have the best job in the world! The work doesn’t stop when you own your own business but it’s the most rewarding thing that I wouldn’t change for the world. I know it may look like all I do is hang poolside but this is soooo not the case! Although, I am so grateful that I have flexibility to travel and experience different cultures while still fulfilling my purpose and career goals💖-
Answer me these questions! -
Do you love your job?-
Do you wake up each day inspired to do more?- Would you be happy and proud if today was your last day on earth? -

It’s so important for results, among other things, that we take time out to reward and fulfil ourselves with what makes us truly happy. Never underestimate the power that unwinding and doing activities to de-stress will have on your overall fitness results. It’s so important for our hormones and if our body is constantly stressed or in a state of fight or flight over a long period of time, then it may be more likely to store fat and fluid as a survival mechanism. I also like to use the things that make me happy as a way to reward my hard work. Many of us are brought up with using food as a way to reward ourselves, which can lead to emotional eating patterns. Instead of using food as a reward, use an activity that you love. It can be something small like reading a book or going to the beach to something bigger like seeing a film or going on a holiday. This will benefit your results and overall health in more ways than one.
What are your favourite things to unwind? 👇🏽👇🏽

Summer vibes 🤞-
Trying to decide on a mini beach vacation in a few months time. I’m thinking Hawaii or Fiji.-
Any suggestions? Where’s your favorite beach getaway?☀️

Trying to be cool and serious VS. Real me🤣
Finally this new @doyoueven Air Seamless cropped long sleeve drops today! You can get 10% storewide with code JAZ10.-
I have had so many messages about where to get this one since I have been sneaky wearing it in my story posts.. now I have an answer for you all💖-
As you may have noticed, I wore this style nearly every day when I was in North America for winter. It was the perfect extra layer for chilly mornings. Now I’m in aus and it’s summer and I’ve still been wearing it daily😍 Perfect for when you want sleeves but it’s too hot for a sweater. -
It comes in so many colours! I have this one, blue and lavender. Which is your fav? 😍-
Discount code: JAZ10 -
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Wow a lot has changed between these two pics😳 -
First photo-
* Food was extremely strict. I ate higher protein, developed many food fears and cut out so many whole food groups. My food variety and options were so low and I hated what I ate. This lead to a once a week “cheat meal” that was really a massive binge on all the foods I was craving. -
* Training volume was extremely HIGH! My program varied month to month and I would train up to 5 cardio sessions plus 10 weights sessions per week!-
* Spent tonnes of money on supplements. -
* Health markers were not too flash. Deficiencies, lack of sleep and stopped menstruating. And look at that inflammation!-
* Here I was way more obsessed with getting fit for aesthetic reasons.- Second photo-
* Train smarter and only 4 times per week with programs written specifically for me (thanks @nmadder @madstrengthtraining )-
* Relax more, sleep better, have more time to do the things I love.-
* Health markers are looking great! And I have a healthy cycle (sorry for TMI but this stuff is important)-
* I have treats on a daily basis, eat all types of foods I love (especially carbs) and stick within my needed calories that @nmadder sets for me. I eat soo much more food now on a daily basis and don’t feel the need to binge on weekends. I also have the amazing @lukeleaman to thank for my good health. He’s taught me a lot and helped me to eat more and train smarter.
* I am now focused on feeling good and being my healthiest-
In the first photo, I genuinely thought I was doing everything right and I couldn’t understand why I looked and felt the way I did..who can relate to that?! (more on this topic in tomorrows post). -
The good news is there is so much you can do about it to change. There is a better way of going about things and by putting your health and well-being as number one, you will be rewarded aesthetically too.
We are taking on close contact clients at @madstrengthtraining. Education focused, completely individualized and proven results. We work on your mindset for change and long term results. You’ll also get to do WEEKLY phone calls with me and the smartest guy I know @nmadder

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