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Inspiration. Michel Doucet


No filter. Harvey, New Brunswick

Cemetery; dates back to 1784

Small town. Sweet folks.

Walmor Santos

Walmor Santos

Walmor Santos

Follow @plancanada a beautiful kids charity that works to improve the lives of children in some of the poorest parts of the worlds. Essentially, Plan gives communities the tools they need to pull themselves out of poverty: food, education, shelter, human rights things that we ourselves sometimes take for granted. Plan Canada has a special focus on girls because in many developing countries girls are treated worse than second class citizens.
Often they are pulled out of school, forced into early marriages or sold into the sex trade. Almost three million girls, some as young as the age of five, are currently being trafficked each year.
One of the reasons girls are pulled out of school is because families are so poor they literally have to choose between sending their kids to school or putting food on the table.
Plan presented a solution through their Food Incentive Program which basically inspires parents to send their kids to school and for every class she attends, the charity sends her back home with enough food and water to feed her entire family. 🌟This way we're hitting two birds with one stone: girls are getting educated and families are able to eat. But this isn't just about food and water: it shows a little girl that the people around her are also invested in her* future. This beautiful program has been running for the past several years in about 52 countries and thanks to it 40 million kids have been able to attend school. By eradicating poverty, and having those girls attend school: we can help avoid human trafficking. If this speaks to you on any kind of level then please take a moment and look into Plan's child sponsorship program, it only costs 9$ a week to save a young girl and her family. The beauty in all this is that you can remain in contact with your sponsored girl or boy at all time, send letters and all that amazing stuff that comes with sponsoring. There are other programs for those of you who are on a tighter budget. I suggest you check it out at: www.plancanada.ca Much love. J

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