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If you not down with gator nation in 2013 !!!! Go kill yourself !!!! Let's go gators! !!!!

I put this up because I know as a community we all looking for hate !!"" About what just happen with the Zimmerman verdict !!!! But its very important y'all stay positive and pray for the "Martin " family !!!!!

My boy is either ready for another "GATOR" national championship ! Or just plan weird !!!!

I want to say happy father's day to my mom! Love you mom ! Only father figure that stayed in my life ! Sh%t means so much to me! Thank you ! For the rest of y'all nigg$ that make kids and not be in there life die slow hoe ! For y'all not having kids and getting money stay that way ! This life of being a dad is only for a few real nigg$ ! Amen

Hey fishy fishy! !!!

Future pet! !! Lol

Me and my boy at aquarium this weekend

My junky as$ tool box ! I haven't even log in if you notice ! Ready to get off and ride around the "A" !!!! @GOOD WEATHER

Caught at work ! I guess they trying to make me smile ! Cause they know I'm piss working on this great weather Saturday in the "A" !

Sending this for everybody trying to look cute this summer eating rabbit food! Steak and potatos is my diet ! Hard work !!

Feeling myself ! Bit%h don't blow my High !!!!! On my way !!!

Yup !!!! Just call me Mr. Engineer for now on ! First nig@ in the family that made this day happen long hard road ! But dam this ishhhhhh! !!!!! Feel so good !!!! I did it !!!!

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