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the election this fall is so important that im practicing voting for everything. the voice? voting. new flavor of Doritos? voting. instagram poll for a girl who can’t decide if she should wear the blue crop top or the super cute green romper? you bet your ass im voting for that romper.
but for real register to vote because our government is putting brown kids in cages. k thanks bye!!

what a beautiful completely traditional modern american family ❤️️❤️️❤️️

i wanted to post this the day I went skydiving and say "today I jumped out of a plane" but I forgot and now I have to use this caption explaining how I would have had a different caption but this still seems like a pretty good caption

we caught this sheep with nothing but strategy and athleticism so just FYI I'm quitting everything to become a wolf professionally

today i jumped off a bridge

97 years ago when i decided i wanted to be an actor, i dug up my dads camera, lights & remote shutter at 3am and googled "how to take headshots"

#oldheadshotday #icanfixthat

one more for the road


portrait mode on the iPhone is so good it made my girlfriend look like she was standing 5 feet behind me! technology is crazy! #couplegoals #coachella

coachella was the perfect place to debut our flamboyant mario bros cosplay

thinkin bout lunch and lunch only

between every single take of this apartments.com commercial Jeff Goldbloom was singing jazz songs to me in an elevator. "what is my life right now" doesn't even start to cover it.
leave a comment if you've seen it!

miss you japan

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