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Been tapped in. I always celebrated my blackness and spirituality for almost 7 years now. I’m just getting more attention from it. But I still have so much to learn.


This old

Mood cause I’m bouta go crazy with this full moon ritual

just want to thank my ancestors for everything they have been doing for me lately. They have been giving me all the resources I need to thrive and everything literally everything I ask them for they always come through. For anybody who works with ancestors please do not just go and ask them for shit every week. Choose a day out of the week that you want to dedicate to them and make sure you elevate them and make them feel apart of your life. Play the music they like, talk to them about how your life is going , tell them how much you love them, feed them! Laugh with them. Read them a book or tell a story. Tell them your goals and ideas. They will start to work in your favor. But they will also start aligning you with things spiritually and mentally and physically


U not alone we all going through some bullshit right now

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