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y'all know how I'm about that coin, so i shot a dope commercial with @snoopdogg for @Klarna . They make it easier for everyone to shop online. #getsmoooth

Idk why I been so nervous to post about this on my actual insta but a lot of you might not be aware of the fact that I do be making music and I take it seriously. I know hella of y’all only follow me for musical purposes so if y’all like my music taste y’all will like the shit I be making. Everything is on my SoundCloud : jayversace. Go listen to it. I’m tryna grow and establish a platform for my other creative outlets so y’all should fuck with it and help me thanks

I felt the spirit today 😔

My new dance ☠️☠️

Can y’all relate 😔😭😍

<📸 : @connorfranta >. What y’all doing


Stay tuned for the next episode of #kuwtk (sneak peak)


I will be posting videos soon. (Prob in the next couple days) Ive been dealing w some family/ personal stuff and also working on hella shit. For 2019 I would like to direct myself towards people who support me as a person. The people who fuck with my sense of taste and beliefs and art. Unlike these dust bucket ass Instagramers I have genuine art and talent to bring to the table. The shit that takes time and isn’t rushed to go viral. But also I’m a goofy ass bitch so expect videos too lol. But yeah it would be nice if y’all bitches watched my YouTube videos I just posted one and I’m bouta post another one this weekend. I just really hope y’all know that I’m more than just a funny dude from Instagram I got artsy shit coming too and if y’all don’t support y’all will be getting shot at


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