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Incoming annual post. Still don't post enough, still can't be asked πŸ˜‚. #Borndayinthesun 🎈🎈🎈#uzishoulders #Blackboyjoy

Didn't even know the UK had waterfalls tbh, kind of crazy to be up close to one, even if it's a baby πŸ˜‚ #Airaforcewaterfall

Hi, although I don't post on Instagram anymore ( I can hear the unfollows from people who forgot they followed me) thought I'd do a post-birthday gram (is that the slang? Idk). Anyway, I was really in the hills for my 25th and I loved it. Thanks a million to @helenandi for making it happen. Might have to do more Hiking in the future. The air is so damn clean! And now for the obligatory hashtags #Outinthehills #MyHike12sArerealnice #25thbirthday #Airaforcewaterfall #itstoohottothinkofhashtagssoigiveup #ToManymoreyears

#wemadeit #gradlife, #whatwasilookingat finally done with uni and it's many plot twists, feels great to finish this 4 year journey. Going to miss the UK city of culture a little bit (2017). Congrats to everyone else graduating this summer! Onto bigger and better things.

Was told I don't post enough on Instagram, so i thought I'd do one for 2014. It's a selfie at a 17.5 degree angle, do I win? #AreYouHappy #IJustLikeToStalkOnInsta #IDontHavePicsYouWantToSee
#Wholemeal #Hipster #Coolstories #Rockseyebrow

Quick Snap from the handover ball. Was an amazing year.

Just chilling on the highest mountain in the UK, don't mind me. I was much happier than I look lol. #BenNevis

#picstitch Kanye West Last night...the visual were mad!

King Ye though! Was a good show

Ain't nobody got time 'fo that

Thought i was Robin Hood

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