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Jay Ortiz  🌿Hang family Momma of ☝🏼❣️ 💌 Dm For collabs YOUTUBE channel coming soon 👇🏻

Any one else struggle with taking a picture with your toddler ? you get what you get and your don’t throw a fit 😁❣️

We’re united and as a family we stand❣️.

You need friends like these in your life 😂❣️

Our day spent home all day but that doesn’t stop from dressing up just for photos 😛❣️

All smiles and giggles ❣️..
Mommas any of you know any home remedies to help constipation? Jaiylas been drinking whole milk now for almost two weeks and has the worst constipation ever ! *edit I have given her prunes ,juice + water also some constipation medicine .

Nothing beats these types of memories ❣️.

Model status ! Jeeezzzzz she’s so perfect,latterly could stare at her forever. ❤️

My rock ..im truly blessed.

This day was just amazing, Swear have more pictures I couldn’t choose lol so just keep in mind I’ll be posting some more pictures of this day in the near future . And yes I know my hair is a mess but god I love our smile !so I couldn’t help it !! ❤️

Casual Monday’s ,loving my little family 🌿❤️

Although we don’t celebrate ,she was beyond happy with just these balloons and mama an papa being by her side ❤️ , love my beautiful family ..thanks to every one who respected our decision ,it’s not easy but truly grateful I have support 🙏🏼.

We officially have a toddler guys .. Jaiyla is ONE 🌿❤️ . Watching her sprout and bloom to her own little flower has me on so many levels. On this day we were very fortunate to give birth to a beautiful baby girl . All the laughters, cries and emotional ride figuring out this parenthood thing is worth it , wouldn’t trade it for the world !

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