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Summon aunty 路线👒

10 months old today! A moment in my tummy, a lifetime in my heart ❤️

Super pretty cupcakes that I ordered for Mother’s Day! @thebatterwhisk ❤️

Arissa is turning 1 in less than 3 months time! Where did all the time go? Losing her baby fats, getting cheekier and starting to be explore more! Loving this phase! Please continue to be healthy and happy ❤️

Soaking in the authentic Vietnamese culture thanks to the Education team!

Arissa’s first visit to an outdoor pool on daddy’s birthday! Happy birthday to the hubby!❤️

Was given the opportunity to visit Glamland in LA last week - super stoked to be able to know more about the brand, meet the founder, the global team and some KOLs. It was truly an amazing experience. Thankful🤗 #GLAMGLOW #HelloSexy #TravelSexy #Ilovemyjob

As a first time mum, I have been doing research on all baby necessities and one of the more important items would be Arissa’s diaper as it would be in direct contact with her skin - it has to be soft, gentle, absorbent and leak free.
Like most babies, Arissa turns into an acrobat when it comes to diaper-changing times. In order not disrupt her sleep (and my peace), I would try not to change her diapers in the middle of the night. Because of
@merriessg, I’m able to drag her diaper changing times and not compromise her delicate skin - thanks to the soft and gentle material 🤭
Also, i guess it is every parent’s target to ensure that their babies poo at least once every 2 days but we are also afraid of their “poonami” as cleaning would be a major nightmare! Am happy that the frequency of poonami has lessened since Arissa started using Merries as they have 2 side gathers!
Merries is currently having a promotion across all major retailers, if you have yet to try their diapers, this would be a great time to do so! #endorsed #MerriesSg #MerriesMakesMeSmile

Arissa’s first two bottom teeth sprouted out this week!👅

Happy Mother’s Day!
Other than being able to celebrate my first mother’s day as a mummy, I would also like to thank our two superwomen who have been looking after Arissa. ❤️ Arissa isn’t the easiest baby to look after when she was a newborn (and maybe now🤪) but these two grandmas have been super patient with her and me (a paranoid ftm) 🙈
Thanks mummies! ☺️ may you two continue to witness Arissa’s milestones and age healthily!

Otw to mother’s day dinner! ❤️

Project to bring Bb out: Success! Omg mega tiring but fulfilling! Arissa was quite well behaved and had fun with her godmas! ❤️ Thanks for entertaining, feeding her and helping with her heavy necessities.

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