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Day two starts in a few. Come through! 💚

We’ve got overflowing perks for you inside! To start: Download your @angkasph app and get Php 50 off your gate fee! Show us your @lazadaph app too and score GCs to their Big Birthday Sale from April 25-27! 🙌🏽✨ #pdbsummer #pdbsummerxlazadabday #DistrictAngkas #comealivewithPhoenixPulse

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY—the first leg of the three runs we will have for the year! 💚

I am a bag of emotions today—excited, tired, anxious, VERY anxious but mostly grateful for another chance of being able to do another run not only for ourselves, but also for everyone else—for our partners, our suppliers, our guest influencers, our amazingly hardworking staff (both old and new), and our tenants above anything else. Most of the time, we get asked, "Don't you ever get tired?" or, "Three events in a year? Okay ra mo?" Well yes, it's never been easy and it's never been perfect, but not a lot of people know that what really just keeps us moving forward is our overwhelming passion and support for our local scene—our homegrown entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and just everyone equally passionate as they are skilled, hoping to break unto the open and leaving their mark in the industries they chose. We are really just a platform, and all of you are the main stars. That's what @popdistrictbazaar is all about. 💚

And before we officially open the gates, I'm personally inviting all of you to come to the Oakridge Pavilion today and tomorrow to witness this gathering of local talents and to give your support not only to the four of us, but to everyone and everything that makes #PDBsummer and Pop District Bazaar what it is today. 😊
#PDBsummer2018 #comealivewithphoenixpulse #districtangkas #pdbsummerxlazadabday

Calm on the outside; panicking like crazy on the inside. 😂😢

4 MORE DAYS TO GO BEFORE @popdistrictbazaar!! Get your tickets now at @legabph, @urbanlifestylecebu, @sugbomercado, @halapaella BTC, and Ulli’s Streets of Asia! 💚⚡️Also, download the @angkasph app and get Php 50 off your gate fee! 🙌🏽

SEE YOU ON THE WEEKEND!!! PS: I didn’t liquify my body. I’m really just scoliotic. 😂😅 #PDBsummer #comealivewithPULSE #pdbsummerxlazadabday #districtangkas

Photos show you but a glimpse of a week so fascinating that it doesn’t even make sense when you try to measure it or capture it in an earthly way. ✨🌊 #malasimbomagic #throwback

Manila traffic makes me wish I was back at the beach in Mindoro right now. 😌🍍🌊✨

PS: Before you call me out for being fat, please try squinting your eyes. 😂🤔 #iphoneonly #throwback #seastheday

A lot of things can change in a day. But in this case, it has only been an hour. (Swipe left.) 😌🌊 #iphoneonly #malasimbomagic #throwback #backtocolor

“Intention is just like a tennis ball you throw out into the air; it comes back just the way you send it out. Like what Newton said in his third law of motion, ‘For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.’ What you give out, what you “pray” about... you get back in equal measure. If you send out thoughts of fear, you get back things to be afraid of. If you lie, you’ll be lied to. If you criticize, you’ll be criticized. If you send out a big bounteous love, you’ll get a big bounteous love in return.

If you want to know what you’re really praying for... what your innermost thoughts have been, take a look around your life. Those are the innermost desires, fears and projections of your heart that no one knows about but only you.” #eSquared #chapter3 #theendofthebnwseries #throwback #nottheflatironbuilding #mirrors

“You could be a compass,
Rare and bountiful.
You could be the opposing opinion.
Oh, we could be the point of attraction bound to all.
We could be the point of letting it go.” 🖤
#bnwseries #molasses #stillonahiatushigh #throwback

So much is out there, but we choose to stay within the four walls of our comfort zones. Without being truly conscious of it, we spend the lion’s share of our waking hours immersed in the comfort zone of negativity. Yes, negativity is a comfort zone—and the pull of it is so strong that we spend our days navigating from one negative thought to another: “I overslept again;” “These wars will never be over as long as we’re alive;” “The economy is impossible to keep up with;” “Everything is expensive;” “It’s getting busier everyday.” “Our clients are driving us crazy!”
And what we haven’t realized is that negativity and fear started from the moment we were born: “It’s a scary world out there so be careful;” “Don’t talk to strangers;” “Don’t sing loudly in public, people might hear.”
We learn to limit. We learn to believe in scarcity. We learn to agree that our natural inclination to love and to create and to dance is impractical and stupid.
But what if it’s all just a big ruse? A bad habit? A Course in Miracle states, “Once you develop a thought system of any kind, you live by it and teach it.” Have you ever stopped and thought why is it so hard to believe how everything’s going to turn out better? Or how we deserve good things? Why does it make us feel guilty and selfish everytime we ask for something good?
In reality, our universe is a moving, scampering energy field of possibilities, but because we have a tunnel vision set on problem mode—our very definition of what becoming human is, then it ultimately becomes our reality. 💭 #thinkingthursday #esquared #lifehack #nyc #throwback

Everything’s beginning to look the same, it’s frightening. So if this photo’s making you feel uncomfortable, then good. 🙂

#nyc #throwback #bnw #newyorkbeprettyevenwhendistorted #lol #iphoneonly

Take me back to a weekend ago. 🙃
#GlobeWanderland #sepanx #forrealz #iphoneonly

One fine day, my ladies and I came out to play. 🍃🌄

I love my friends. They all are very strong, resilient and inspiring women. They make me a better version of myself to a point where I even surprise myself sometimes. I am dedicating this post to them because I think they need to be celebrated today too. ❤️

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