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jayden moss  ut🌲 have courage & be kind


seriously the most beautiful human with the most beautiful soul πŸ’• love love love you!!

turtle neck tuesday 🐒

my favorite colors

love you my little mini me πŸ’—
welcome to instagram birthday girl!!
(13!!! AHH where does the time go?!?!!)

definitely lost my mind a little today given I accidentally ran a red light and flat ironed my face

I don't think I fully understood what a best friend was until I met this girl right here
hbd love πŸ’— forever grateful for you

finals week got me like...

My biggest body insecurity is my stomach. I've always tried to avoid exposing it with tight shirts and crop tops unless I can perfectly position my body to look good or hide it with a jacket.
Today was the first time in a long time I had the confidence to wear a crop top to the gym without trying to hide my body shape and to me that's a big deal! I may not be exactly where I want to be yet but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I've learned to love who I am and where I am regardless of how I look or where I'm at in my journey.

this is my best friend and also one of the sweetest human beings I've ever met πŸ’—
she deeply and genuinely cares about people - so much so that her first thought after eating last night was to give her leftovers to a homeless person
extra grateful for you today love

Today I am completely aware of the fact that I am a people pleaser. I don't like saying no because I like to make everyone happy. I guess part of me finds more worth in myself when I can help give someone else joy. Sometimes I can balance the act but usually I say yes to more things than I can manage. Instead of giving 100% to one thing, I take on 10 things and only give 10% of effort to each.
I've discovered saying yes to one thing usually means saying no to something else and a lot of the time that something else is myself.
So today I'm consciously choosing to give my full attention to each moment I am in. I'm giving deep thought to what my own body and mind need. I'm choosing to keep my current appointment with life by staying in the present moment instead of planning too far ahead and for things outside of my control.

"I'm a simple (wo)man. I like pretty, dark haired woMEN and breakfast food"
-Ron Swanson

not nearly this happy checking my bank account today #springbroke

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