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Reposted Image. Ramadan is coming, people constantly ask me about this cleansed month. This month is more than just religion. It's to feel the starvation of the poor, the less fortunate ones, to cleanse your body from the toxic & to release good energy within that month. You have a religion, I have a religion as well. We believe in the same God, we believe in the same prophets & we both believe this world is a test. I respect all religions and faiths, even if you're a disbeliever of god. I just wanted to post this to tell everybody, May everybody have a blessed month while we're fasting this Saturday & may god shower each one you guys with blessings. If you're Christian, Buddhist, Jewish or an Atheist. Blessings to all your souls. Peace, love & prosperity.

You drive a benz? I used to drive an old Van. I don't drive cars no more, either I get my mans or I take the train. Not that I can't afford it, I want to feel your pain as well. I had multiple foreign cars a year or two ago. I needed to find myself. I posted my van majority of the times, not to brag or boast about humbleness, but to show others you don't need those things to make you feel successful & make your dream easier to achieve. We're all the same mission to achieve our dreams, we're all on the same road towards our legacy, so it doesn't matter what you drive, it's what you can see from the windshield towards your dream. Don't feel left out if your boy drives a 80k car; it doesn't mean you have to tighten yourself up and lease/finance a car. Everybody can tell you congrats during the day time, but when you're sleeping by yourself, would those same dudes be over your head telling you congrats? No, you'll still have to wake up thinking how to pay off the car note. You don't need to buy all those flashy things, cars, jewelry, clothing, etc. Use that money to invest in yourself. Look at me, if you feel down, you're not alone. Theirs hope for everybody, god bless your souls and whatever dreams you guys are trying to accomplish. We're all on the same mission, doesn't matter what car you drive because we have the same ignition.

Frustrating and heartbreaking hearing the attacks on Manchester. I'm Muslim & I do not approve of ISIS, neither do the real practicing Muslims. This group was formed by a bunch of corrupted unknown governments. No, we do not oppress woman. Every woman in our eyes is labeled as a queen. We do not attack the enemy unless we have to defend ourselves. We are being killed daily in the Middle East by this terror group, ISIS. Why is majority of the ISIS members being recruited from the outside countries and not the Middle East? Why? These are not our people. Live a day of the life we live in Middle East, women being tortured, babies/kids starving to death and family homes being demolished. Nobody wants to speak up but I'm speaking for the youth & the truth. Saudi king, Jordan King & the rest of the middle eastern chairman don't want to speak, I'm going to SPEAK. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us to respect all religions, feed, aid, help & set the enemy free once he's captured. We respect all religions and we do not approve of the terrorist attacks and violence. My Jesus is your Jesus as well. We respect all religions as well. Islam is peace & comfort. Do not believe everything the media tells you, they don't want you to know the truth.

Just a young Palestinian/Jerusalem boy. Keep looking up because if you can look up, you can get up.

Fruit bae, bored nights. I'm not always serious. Wait till the end! 📷: @ahmad_alnsour

Baby sis ❤️

Every situation I was in involved, I always stood and fought alone. Looking for god so I can evolve because I thought to myself "who's more powerful than him and his throne?". Never afraid of any person from mankind, my life started to worsen but I said "even the prophet was going to get killed multiple times". Look in my eyes and see the suffer, looking in the skies and beneath the clouds I see my brothers. What's materials if you can't find ease? Don't look in the fruits of your cereals because that's the sin that was committed by Adam & Eve. My purpose here is not to show the definition of success, I want to show you that you're worth it with your ambition and the real meaning you're trying to address. Get down on your knees and look for the creator, eventually we'll bow down sooner, just don't let the wrong time be later - Jay Mazini

Yes or no?

Today, I cooked eggs man #SaltBae

Ameer was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. It grows in your bones or the soft tissue around your bones and it is very deadly if it metastasizes. He is on his road to being cancer free and had 6 rounds of intensive chemotherapy. He had a smile on his face through the whole process, because he knew he would get through it. He had a tumor located within his right maxillary sinus, and it was completely removed, but it left a huge hole between his mouth and nose. For the time being he has a temporary obturator, without it he can't eat or drink, let alone talk that well. He is looking to get a permanent one, but of course it is expensive. Please if anyone wants to make a donation of any amount, it will be greatly appreciated. To Ameer, I'm so proud of you bro, you keep fighting and fighting, and with the strength of God and yourself, I know you will get through this. I love you so much. You are an inspiration to all of us, and you are a true warrior. They started a GoFundMe page to donate $30,000 for his treatment; every dollar counts. Link is in @moeyjay Keep on fighting.❤️❤️❤️ #KeepAmeerSmiling

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