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Always had love & respect for this brother. We're both here to make this world a better place to live in, spread positivity, eliminate evil and destroy the negative energy. Both here to spread the same message but in different ways. My brother for life @fatboy_sse

Children of Jerusalem, Children of Palestine, Children of The Holy Land & we are the Children of Humanity. Do you know how it feels being kicked out of your own land? Do you know what it feels like to see dead bodies of babies laying around and homes being demolished? We don't condone hate and evil, we want peace and a life just to fulfill our purpose. We are not afraid of missiles, weapons, guns aimed at our faces and we're not afraid of anybody but God. Media won't tell you these things because it's being controlled by the Zionists. I'm speaking for my people since middle eastern rulers are puppets to the evil ones and they neglect Palestinians. We don't hate Jewish people, we don't hate all Israelis but it's a majority of evil ones that we judge. This is real life, you never know when your house is about to be demolished or when a bomb will be exploded on top of you and your family. We're ready for death and we became so numb to life that we're not afraid of death, we're about to meet our creator. This is the Land of Jesus, Land of the Prophets and the Holy Land. Children of Jerusalem, God got our backs and all lives matter all around the world.

I'm from Palestine where we stand in front of Tanks & Machine guns because we don't fear nobody but God. We are not afraid of death, we are not afraid of the evil that these men do and we are not afraid of these Zionist cowards. We breed Heroes and real men. We don't stand behind missiles, guns, choppers but we stand proudly on our feet and we only bow down to one creator and that's Allah (SWT). We are Muslims and we only condone peace and respect for other religions. I'm speaking for my people since nobody wants to speak. I'm speaking for the innocent children that have been killed and are still being killed everyday. It's not safe out here, you never know when you're about to lose your life and your family/loved ones. I'm a proud Palestinian, we are kids of Jerusalem and this is the land of the Prophets and Jesus. We are not judging all Israelis but we are judging the prime ministers and Zionists. My peoples voice is going to be heard, I'm here to spread the awareness and stand up for our Righteous land. Some don't know how it feels to be murdered, kicked out and controlled in your own land. Whoever is out there hearing me and reading this message, the media won't tell you this and they're not telling you what's going ON NOW. Kids bodies are being torn up in half, mothers and families murdered. God be with us all. #BlackLivesMatter #PalestinianLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

We're out here dying but we're not surrendering. Since the media in the U.S. Doesn't want to show what's going on, I'm keeping you guys updated. War-zone out here in Palestine. Hundreds injured & many killed. If you're out here in Palestine, stay home and stay safe.

Nobody won the last contest, number was 49. Choose number (1-700). Winner will be announced next week the 29th.

Since nobody has the nerves to spread what's really going on in Palestine, no Middle Eastern leaders, no media and no voice, IM GOING TO SPEAK. All of our so called leaders are HYPOCRITES. We're being killed by Israeli soldiers everyday but theirs no voice at all. Not all Jewish people are bad but it's the ZIONISTS. Not everybody is going to care about this video, WHY? BECAUSE WE LOST SENSE OF HUMANITY. This is GRAPHIC but I'm going to share it! I'm sick and TIRED of infants being killed for NO REASON. I'm TIRED OF THE OPPRESSIONS IN PALESTINE. IM TIRED OF MY LITTLE BROTHER AND SISTERS BEING KILLED. Mothers being killed, families being demolished and this past week, WE'RE NOT EVEN ABLE TO PRAY IN AL-QUDS JERUSALEM. Why?? I'm sharing this and to all the leaders of the Middle East, where are you guys? Aren't we your people? This is SICK, GRUESOME & INSANE. Humanity is all we have MAN, ALL WE HAVE. We had nearly 400 bodies injured and several killed today and this isn't new. They just don't care about us, same goes for other countries in the Middle East, Africa, Peru & other parts. LOOK AT THAT FATHER HOLDING HIS SON WHILE HE'S BLOWN INTO PIECES? HOW MAN? HOW?????? We need US!

I was driving by and I saw two precious little kids wandering around the streets, clothes rugged & old, feet swollen from the pain, eyes telling a story but a smile filled with Joy & life no matter what situation they're in. I gave both of them money to use it however they want, buy toys, candy and just live like normal kids. Happiness came out of their face but why should they wait for somebody to come along and help them? I'm not mentioning the money to brag but to show everybody that they have to wait for somebody to help them. Why can't they be in a good position just like us, why can't they eat and live the same? Why do they have to be living this life because of occupation & war? This is an everyday Palestinian life, constantly being oppressed, no food to eat, broken homes and majority of families have no homes. This can be our little brother or sister. I'm not only speaking about the Palestinians, I'm speaking about all the infants and young children around the world. We need peace, they need help and they need a hug. We're living in Paradise, compared to them. Seeing his smile broke me because yes I did see happiness but it's like he never saw a person do good to him. Children are beit killed everyday here in Palestine, Middle East, Africa, U.S., Etc. Let's change the world, one step at a time and spread peace.

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