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Jay Mazini 


I’ve been touched millions, so I’m not here for the money. I’m just trying to show you, if you sin, you can adjust from being a lost civilian, take notes and leave it for others to study. Some claim they’re humble, that’s when their in a tight situation. Only a real man can stay sane when money comes in and not crumble, keep his stance in a right formation. You don’t have to shoot guns, sell coke and kill others to be gangtsa.. you can still pray with your local nuns, spread hope and teach the youngin’s you can bang (pray) to God with the angels because that’s gansgta.. I can show you cars, women and flashy things like this generation. However, that’s corny.. I rather show you a warrior scars, the truth that’s hidden and after life (reincarnation)....

This isn’t a circus, so leave the bozoness by the Ferris wheel.

The end of time is coming. The energy you leave in this world, is the energy you will receive back!

Good morning Princess💌 (Swipe left to read the second page, if you’re reading this princess)

Mama, heaven lies under your feet. Thank you for raising me the right way, righteous, to love and care for others, to be the best man I can be and to fulfill my purpose in this world. When the doctors told me I wouldn't make it, being born as a pre-mature baby at 6 months, you held my bottle and knew I was going to make it. You didn't want to believe that I wouldn't make it. When I got hit by a car when I was in 3rd grade, you stood besides my hospital bed holding me. When I was walking the streets of NYC when I was at 14 to fulfill my dream, you stood up nights for me hoping I was okay. You aided me, cared for me and helped me become the man that I am today. I will make you proud mama, I love you, I admire you and I just want to see you smile. As long as I'm alive, I will help others mama, I will leave peace/positivity in this earth and fight evil and envy. Love you - Your son, Jay❤️ #IDidntCutMy HairAndBeard #ThisImageWasFrom7MonthsAgo #PrayForTheWorld #PrayForAfrica #PrayForMiddleEast #PrayForHumanity #PrayForSomalia #PrayForFlorida

I pray God forgives him, but we’re in a NWO (New World Order). The system picks and chooses the ethnicities/races/colors they want to cleanse, to prepare for a New World Order. I promise to spread justice, love, belief in God, living by your purpose and being the best human you can be. I’m not afraid to die for the truth, because a human and another human bleed the same. If I die, remember what I said and done. Continue the legacy

Valentine’s was great today with mama, but I had to make sure at least another mother felt love and affection. I find happiness in other people’s happiness and this post isn’t to glorify me: This Post is to spread awareness for woman, woman that have done so much for the youth, but forget to value them. This can be your mother, your sister if you’re at an older age and even somebody you love. Thank you to all the mothers that done so much for us, even if you don’t hear this sometimes, but I appreciate you and love you. Woman are walking miracles that God descended into this earth. Even the less fortunate people deserve love. Humanity is all we have and woman should be uplifted in spirits, not only materialistic objects. Any man can give a woman a car, jewelry, clothes and other societies made objects. Only a man can give a woman love, affection, security and re-assurance of life. This woman told me she has 2 kids, but I told her don’t worry, you now have another one. It hurt me seeing her on the floor coughing because of the cold. Her muscles are weak and she needs medical attention. I promise to make this world better. I promise to please you God and gather my manmade currency to convert it to spiritual currency. Now, that’s taking this money man formed and helping others to convert it to good deeds. This life isn’t promised; God’s hereafter is what we’re aiming for. Again, this is for awareness. Each one, teach one. Thank you to my brother @aligheee for helping me spread love today to many people. Happy Valentine’s Day and God bless everybody’s souls ❤️🌹

I love you God, please hear me ❤️

God formed the heavens and the earth in six days, established his throne on the seventh. September eleven, the media sworn Muslim’s as terrorists, but it was an inside job for a propaganda lesson. What if I told you, I love you and Jesus (PBUH) is my role model. The media won’t tell you that, it would tell you that the Quran and God is a false novel. Zeus, Cronus, the Pharaoah and other false God’s claimed prominent. They misused this beautiful world, killed equality with arrows and tried to overpower God and say they’re dominant. In the end of the day, they’re humans, so no God can die. Count to ten, a soul dies, but you never hear the other persons cries because God silenced everybody for they’re own pain, until the hereafter, we would know why. God, I love you and I love humanity. Wicked hearts I will try to purify even if it’s substituting my sanity for their insanity - Jay Mazini


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