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My Muslim ahki spazzed on this, Philly stand up! @chicraw

Seen everything as a youngin, which made me find god at an early age, seen dudes get buried down to the earthly grave. Grew up where brothers found Islam in jail, fortunate enough to find god without being bailed. Seen close ones get murdered, always was Muslim but it got deeper as if I was a convertor. We smile at times to cherish moments because we don't know when we'll parish back to the owner. From the city where you rarely see 25, so we build our dreams right and try to stay live - Jay

Stress level is insane but this is what I do when I'm stressed. Factory sessions!

Wow, 4 years ago, selling products on my stand. This feels like a dream, I teared yesterday when signing for the store. I teared looking at my Mazini Team. Walking around in the streets and just seeing my product being worn all over the nation/world, really breaks a man down. When they doubted me, I still believed. When I was outside on this stand in the cold, rain, heat and storm, I still believed. From 14-18, tables flip and turn. If you feel lost, look at this image, that stand was the only thing I had. Yesterday, we walked in one of the biggest malls and made history to be the youngest owner to open an official store in that mall. I never cared about money, I just wanted a legacy to leave behind and a story so I can show people it's possible. Seeing the look on my parents face yesterday broke me, I finally made them very proud. Not only do I want to touch lives, I want to conquer the world so I can help other financially and mentally. Believe, achieve and know that with great scars comes great bleeds.

Mazini store coming soon, Garden State Plaza Mall. May 8!!!!

So I been keeping this on the down low for a few months now, but it's time to spill the great news. We've officially took a Mazini store in Garden State Plaza Mall, next door to Michael Kors, bottom is Gucci, Ferragamo, Versace, Etc, if anybody is familiar. This is the greatest step I took in my life, I never seen this day coming. I opened mazini nearly a year ago, my best friend Motasem came to me and gave me an idea about a mazini store 4 months ago and we ran with it ever since. I don't incorporate investors in my business but this is my brother right here. Just a young kid that was selling products on a stand at the age of 14, in New York. Who knew this would happen? Who knew I'd be signing to take a store in one of the biggest malls in America? Late nights I stood up late. Lost nights where I couldn't find myself and people doubted me. Mazini store coming soon, should open in a month. God bless everybody working. Just a young kid from the Bronx. #21YearsOldAndStillDreaming @moe_khalil96

Nearly 7 months ago, we buried my friend Joe. Walton Ave and the block won't be the same no more without you. I keep hearing brothers getting murdered on Walton Ave, they got Quay too? When are we gonna put the guns down? tired of seeing these coffins, tired of the fact we gotta keep burying brothers all around. I'm numb to this world, numb to the pain, I've seen everything, I just act blind. Feels like I can't even come to the block no more. We need this to be a better place to live, left and tried showing my brothers theirs more to life. Put the guns down, this is getting ridiculous. Killing for a stripe or to get street credit, we never shot shit, we fought if we had beef and shook hands like men. Some got the wrong look about manhood, taking another mans life isn't the answer. Come on, Rest In Peace Joe and Quay. Rest up to all the lives that have been taken!

I turned religious after I've seen close ones die viciously. I tried to look for the creator because the people around me started to meet their maker. Being paranoid makes you not trust your shadow, I try to avoid being social because I don't know who's aiming that arrow - Jay

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