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Dear Fellow Gorkha Brothers & Sisters, Elders & Youngers
It has been a hard days for us for the past week or more. Many of us in support while some in oppose, nevertheless whatever is happening all around us it is minded priority of the organization to address the members and well wishers and all the lovely Indian Gorkha Youths. It is also clear that Peoples Movement for the Demand of Separate State is gaining a momentum and shape. We would like to express our deep condolences to The Martyrdom of Brave Gorkha Hearts. Living with the lies with a hope for truths to be revealed, We protest against the inhumane policies adopted by the Police and their atrocities towards our Family. We protest the violation of Universal Human Rights under Article (5),(9),(20;1,2). We protest the violation of Fundamental rights given by the Constitution of India under Article (19:1;b),(11),(11:2). We do not even stand with the suppression of Freedom of Press.
It is clear that the opposing sides are adapting the policies those we regard unnesecity and inhumane activity. It is my duty and responsibility to call up my fellow friends, brothers and sisters, lets face together, stand among each other, be involved in this last fight for our rights. Lets make ourselves clear of the facts that if not today then never. Eventhough of all the pros of this movement it shall be important to deal with some cons of it too.
The movement is deviating in two hemispheres, one with the side of people other with the vested interest of leaders. While every 1.3crore citizen aspire for the formation of Separate State within the Union of India under Article (3:a), leaders seems to be standing with their agendas and hidden prospects
We request all of our fellow brothers and sisters to stand together and fight back. We do not want any leaders to address us from undisclosed locations or such. Plese come forward lets fight together, no matter even if they raid your houses, remove your security, your political cases be opened don’t worry dear leaders people will be with you.

Gorkha and Proud .πŸ™

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