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Sooo just felt inclined to share this because I've been natural for a little over a month now and I'm so proud of how far my hair has come lol. When I was little I had curls galore, thick hair. In high school I started to straighten it every single day, it was long but I was starting to lose my curl, I woulda just straighten my bang lol then by the end of sophomore year my hair wouldn't even hold a natural curl so I just kept putting heat on it. My ends were deadddd, my hair got shorter and then shorter when I dyed it. I had shoulder length hair for a while and would still straighten everyday and wouldn't dare wear it natural and would put heat in my hair A LOT, I'd even try to wear my hair curly and make fake curls with a .5 inch wand and people thought it was real🙄😂. And looking back at these pictures I can't believe I thought that picture of me from New Years were curls lol. Anyways fast forward to now- I haven't put heat in my hair at all since March 16th, I only cut my dead ends (yes I did it myself lol) -no big huge chop and I've been wearing my hair curly everyday and I wouldn't dare to put heat on it now- they're BOOMIN! I'm so happy 😭just thought I'd share if someone is looking for some encouragement, your curls can come back! Just give them love❤️ can't wait to see how my hair progresses! Sorry for the rant🤗 #naturalhair #curls #goingnatural #bigchop #curlyhair

I choose to be happy.

Mid hair fluff🤗 I hope I'm making mom proud @beyonce #ivypark #birthdayweek

Family🌹 #rsvpphotobooth

"They tryna battle." @c_slates 😝

Throwback to a few weeks ago👯

I have to upload this on its own because it's literally my absolute fav 📸 #polaroid #family #tao

Happy birthday boo💋 @justcallmetao

Who better for ya then your girl?

My beautiful bae, bride to be💕 just not to me🙄😂 @____nyyyy Love you!


A forever roll dog! Since kindergarten. 💕

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