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JESSICA MARIE TAYLOR  Believer. Lover. Storyteller.


One last group hug full of giggles, prayers, and tears. So much to be thankful for.

Forever grateful that Emma captured this sweet moment. ❤️

#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #selahforever

LAND OF THE FREE! HOME OF THE BRAVE! 🇺🇸 // 311 days and 24 countries later.. ladies & gentlemen, I AM HOME!!!!!

#worldrace #11n11 #month12 #jesswhattheworldneeds

10 hour layover in Beijing? No problem! Quick (but epic!) stop at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA before heading back to America! And you thought we were done with adventure.😏😜

#qsquad #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #greatwallofchina

30+ hours of travel starts now! I started the race with these beauties and I’m ending it with them too. These 6 humans changed my race, and my life, entirely and I could not be more grateful and proud. Throughout the race we remained a team and created a sisterhood that I know will last well past the world race.

Thank you all for pushing me, even when I resisted it. Thank you for speaking truth to me even when it hurt. Thank you for loving me even when it was tough. Thank you for always always pointing me back to God.

From the best of times to the worst of times, we did it girls! SELAH WOO! I love you all so much!

#worldrace #11n11 #selahsurvived #selahforever #jesswhattheworldneeds

Q Squad, 4th Generation. Tonight we officially became ALUMNI World Racers. WE’RE COMING HOME!!! 🇺🇸

#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds

Traveling pre-race vs traveling on the race. •
Not pictured: the amount of fear the girl on the left was carrying with her & the amount of freedom the girl on the right is carrying now.

The girl on the left would have never guessed that she could ever become the girl on the right. And the girl on the right will never be the same. •
P.S. I’ll be on American soil ONE WEEK from today! 😳

#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds

ALOOOOOOOOOOHA! 👋 My kids think Hawaii is the coolest thing so today I taught them this! Just spreading the Aloha wherever I go. 😍😭🤙💓 // #worldrace #11n11 #alohafrommalaysia #malaysia #jesswhattheworldneeds

Hiiiiii from my class of 11 year olds in Malaysia! Life here is weird. The fact that it’s month 11 is weird. My emotions are being all weird. Can’t really think of a caption other than that but I wanted to tell the world that I’m alive, in Malaysia, and have 21 DAYS LEFT ON THE RACE!!! 😳 // #11n11 #worldrace #jesswhattheworldneeds #malaysia

Oh Thailand, you were a wild ride. This month felt the most like “real life” — affirming to me that ministry is all day everyday, regardless of where you are. God revealed Himself in big ways this month and I’m leaving feeling so encouraged!
Shoutout to the hostess with the mostest and our adopted teammate. 😭❤️ Allison & JJ, WE LOVE YOU!
P.S. Only $561 left until I’m FULLY FUNDED!

It’s tradition at this sanctuary to take notice of a baby elephant’s personality for 1 year before deciding it’s name. So far we know this 5 month old loves soccer balls and playing in water, he’s social, clumsy, and a total ladies’ man. 😍 // #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #thailand #elephantjunglesanctuary

I have $961 left to raise until I'm fully funded and 13 days left to raise it! Thank you thank you thank you all for allowing me to contribute to the kingdom through the World Race!
Tax-deductible donations can be made at:

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