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JESSICA MARIE TAYLOR  Believer // Lover // Storyteller World Race 2017 Currently: Ghana


"You can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes." // Jesus didn't live above others, he lived with them, beside them, among them. He walked in their shoes. #jesswhattheworldneeds #11n11 #ghana #africa #worldrace

ATL // We've had a route change! Burkina Faso has been removed from our route and instead we will be spending the rest of Month 6 in different areas of Ghana. Beginning tomorrow our squad will be homeless, jobless, and directionless... kinda. It will be up to us to "Ask the Lord" (ATL) where He wants us and how He wants us to serve Him. We'll ask Him to provide a path, shelter, food, ministry, etc. It will also be the first time that my new team is out on our own! So we'll pack our bags and each team will go their separate ways, spreading across Ghana for the next 2 weeks. The old me would likely be full of anxiety about this, but today, I'm excited and expectant. We're giving God lots of room to do His thing and I can't wait to see Him show up. Please keep us in your prayers! // photo: Faith Fowler // #worldrace #11n11 #africa #ghana #jesswhattheworldneeds #askthelord

When you live with 53 people you learn quickly that you have to find a spot and make it your own. I've spent almost every night for the past 5 weeks sitting in this spot in this hallway with this little crew. Most of my favorite memories in Ghana include these people and if I'm being honest, this may be the place in this country that I miss the most. It's where I talked to God, grew deep friendships, spent early mornings and late nights, laughed loudly and cried silently. It's the place I went to "get away". It's my little piece of Ghana and I'm thankful.
#sunyani5o #jesswhattheworldneeds #worldrace #11n11 #africa #ghana

She wouldn't say a word to me but the fact that she wouldn't let go of me said enough. #11n11 #worldrace #jesswhattheworldneeds #ghana #africa

SUZANNA MARIE! My soulmate! My partner in crime! I can't imagine life without you and I'm so glad I don't have to. You've been right beside me through every up and every down and tons of craziness in between. You love me unconditionally. You're family. Happy 30th Birthday, best friend. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! #bffbirthdayseason #thisis30

Food Fighters are officially local celebs! Thank you 93.5 B.A.R. in Sunyani, Ghana for having us on air today! We had so much fun talking about Jesus, @theworldrace, the U.S.A., and recording fun jingles! #worldrace #makeamemory #11n11 #ghana #africa #jesswhattheworldneeds

Today my team set aside a time to pray about our next move. I've learned recently that the Lord speaks to me through writing. Sometimes I'll put pen to paper and let Him speak. I'll reread what I wrote and it's like reading it for the first time - because He wrote it, not me. So today this is what He wrote to me ---- "GO, my darling. Just go. Run through the fields and tell everyone about me. It doesn't matter where you are, just keep moving. Keep growing." Hopped on wifi a few hours later and saw this picture on Facebook's "on this day" from 4 years ago. Me, running through a field. Nothing is coincidence and He is good.
#11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #worldrace // photo: @anuenuebythesea

Charlotte Diann! My wifey! My love! You're superwoman in my eyes and I'm one of your biggest fans. I can always count on you to point me back to God. I can always count on your unapologetic honesty. And I can always always count on your unconditional love. We've officially been best friends for over half of our lives and I literally can't imagine a life without you in it!
HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! We have so much to celebrate when I get home! (P.S. When the heck did 30 happen?!?! 😩) #bffbirthdayseason #thisis30

Pit to peak. If you read my newest blog post, you know what I'm talkin' about.
These 6 humans give me a glimpse of that peak and I am so thankful!
#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #ghana #africa // http://jessicamarietaylor.theworldrace.org/post/halfway

HALFWAY BLUES. // A new, real, honest blog post is up! Life in Africa has been rough but God is so good!
I'm $3,900 away from being fully funded and need $1,900 of that by July 4th. Any little bit helps! Thank you all for your donations and words of encouragement!
#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #ghana #africa

As if I needed another reason to not eat goat. 😭 #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #africa #ghana

Ok, if I'm being honest, kids aren't really my thing. I get awkward and grossed out and weird and just really don't know what to do with them. But teenagers - they're my jam. Maybe it's because I get it. Life gets complicated and messy once you hit the teens. Little things seem like big things and strange feelings start to happen. You begin to see the world differently and in a lot of ways - this season can change the direction of the rest of your life. Here in Ghana and back in America, this next generation needs us. Be someone that they can look up to, because I promise, they're looking. // #jesswhattheworldneeds #worldrace #11n11 #ghana #africa #dreamfieldinternational

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