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JESSICA MARIE TAYLOR  Believer // Lover // Storyteller World Race 2017 Currently: Ghana


We fight for the bread of life. We fight for the fruit of the spirit. Ladies and gentlemen, here they are! My new team.. FOOD FIGHTERS. // #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #africa #ghana

Started from the bottom, now we're here! // Today's our last day as a team and I've already cried about it a million times! I'll save you all from the super long sappy post that I've drafted at least 4 times. The bottom line is --- I LOVE THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH! //
#selahforever #saveselah #selahsurvived #emilysaidshelovesus #worldrace #selahsisters #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #dastrue

In every country God has given me at least one person who makes it a little harder to leave. In C么te d'Ivoire, that person is without a doubt YOU, Rhonda. Thank you for giving us a safe place, for being a source of encouragement and comfort, for saving us (literally), and being a mama. You love well. I can't wait to see all of the blessings God will shower on you on your next adventure. We love you!!! // #11n11 #worldrace #jesswhattheworldneeds #cotedivoire #africa #saltandpepper

THIRTY. Man, where does the time go?
I've been through some truly ugly times but dang there have been some good ones.
My girls thought "dirty" was more appropriate than the typical "flirty". Because life sure does get dirty. And through it all, I continue to thrive.

At the age of 18, I went on a mission trip to Uganda. I knew then that God was calling me to do missions and my heart never quite left Africa. I made a promise to myself that I'd get back to Africa somehow by the age of 30. If I'm being honest, I had kind of let go of that promise - it didn't seem realistic. But anything is possible with my God. He didn't forget that promise. So here I am. On my 30th birthday. In Africa. Back to the place where He first captured my heart.

Thank you all for making me feel so deeply loved on this incredibly special day. // Photo: @Kaliestier

#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #cotedivoire #africa #thisis30

My story matters.
It's mine to share.
It's made me who I am today.
And I am proud.

It may have taken me 30 years, but this is my story. (Link in bio)
https://youtu.be/WINODjfWrLM // Film by the incredibly talented @kelsaysingleton // #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #testimony #yourstorymatters #thisis30

JESSARITA // I've slept next to this little monster almost every day for the past 4 months (even here, on an airport floor). Pillow talk and giggle fests with her are my fave! We have team changes coming up next week and the thought of not having her beside me for the months to come makes my heart break! 馃槶 // photo: Sara Lou // #saveselah #jessarita #dramascale #worldrace #11n11 #selahsisters #jesswhattheworldneeds

I was getting tested for Malaria in this clinic in the middle of an African village, exactly a week before my 30th birthday. The results were positive and the days to follow have been anything but glamorous. Someone once said to me that my "behind the scenes" is better than my "highlight reel". I agree. Life is funny. What a way to say adios to my twenties. 鉁岋笍
// photo: @sara_trammel
// #worldrace #jesswhattheworldneeds #11n11 #cotedivoire #malaria #thisis30

I haven't quite hit the peak of homesickness yet but this heat is making me miss my favorite shades of blue. 馃挋 #hilife

I'm celebrating a BIG birthday in just TEN days!
If you love me and want to give me the best birthday present ever - come visit me in C么te d'Ivoire, Africa with Tex-Mex, an acai bowl, creme br没l茅e, and a nice bottle of red wine.
If you can't swing that, the second best gift would be a contribution of $30 (for my 30th birthday!!!) to my World Race fund! You can make a tax-deductible donation at jessicamarietaylor.theworldrace.org
I miss you all like crazy!! // photo: @sara_trammel // #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #cotedivoire #africa

Espa帽a, he esperado toda mi vida para conocerte. 鉂わ笍 // #worldrace #jesswhattheworldneeds #11n11 #spain #madrid

Just hanging out with the king of Adioke, C么te d'Ivoire. Casual. He and his advisors told me I look like Obama and when I told them that I live in Hawaii - the same state that Obama is from - they said "ohh that explains why you look like him" (LOL). #worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #adiake #cotedivoire #thanksobama

Easter Sunday in Abidjan, C么te d'Ivoire. // We can't have adventure without the risk. We can't have the resurrection without the death. We are Easter people in a Good Friday world. //
#worldrace #11n11 #jesswhattheworldneeds #easter2017 #cotedivoire #abidjan #africa

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