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See you tomorrow. Blog-wise.

Late night.

Late night promo, I know, but I figured it best to warm your heart right before you sleep. My friend, Brandon Mack, wrote a sincere piece about his navigating his binds to family. As we all know, our obligations to family can be emotionally taxing. Often times, for the sake of cohesion, relationship challenges are left without counsel, especially for people of color. I recommend you type: kidfromthevalley.wordpress.com into your search bar and uplift yourself with Mack's experience. He's tagged in this photo so feel free to peruse his space. Don't sleep yet, stay woke.

Pack light, keep it simple, stay on point. Become conscious of this by hitting the link in my bio.

Link in the bio, straight to the point. Sharpen up, stay woke.

I'll tell you what's up, my new blog post. It's about how you end up with nonsense while you were trying to write about that profound ass thought you had the other day while you were doing what you were doing. There was a point. Here's how I know, hit the link in the bio, stay woke.

The champs of mosh pits.

#airandstyle was why there was no new blog post yesterday. But I figured you need Presidents' Day reading so I'll be posting later today. This is me and
@itschrisgaleno in a crowd full of people, smiling through the heat, smells and blaring noises. For the culture.

Not here to pretend. Link in the bio. Don't sleep, stay woke.

Channeling the east from the west to find my flow. Today's blog post is about what I learned from Taoism & where it's taking me. Vibrate higher. Stay woke.

New blog post mañana. Love you. Don't sleep, stay woke.