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in 2018, i strengthened my relationship with God and charged a couple things to the game as far as my relationships with others, i hosted my own radio show, my teams won stroll like an alpha and battle of the pumps, I put on (with the help of some other amazing, talented people) a fashion show as president of @modelzofdistinction , I graduated from college, finally saw erykah badu in concert and saw SZA and Wayne for a second time, zip lined in costa rica, and to end the year strong, i took a step closer to my dreams with my music.. i’ve learned a lot this year, just as the years before.. among the things i learned this year, I learned that I am not defined by my flaws, mistakes, or shortcomings, and to me, that is one of my biggest lessons. so cheers to 2019, here’s to more life, love and more learning.. the word of the year is productivity 🙏🏽

no filter because my sister bought me a ring light for Christmas 😂😛 Merry Christmas from mine to yours ❤️

so last night, I was given the opportunity to do what I love most. perform. starting dance classes at the age of 3, i’m no stranger to the stage and spotlight. this was my first vocal performance since like sophomore year at Towson but I swear it won’t be the last. for too long i’ve allowed the adversary to control my thoughts on my biggest passion, music.. “i’m not good enough” “my voice is average” “I can’t do that”.. but then it hit me.. the only thing stopping me is me.. I might not be the best, my voice might not be there yet however, while I work on perfecting my craft, I know SOMEBODY gon feel me, whether they love what i do or simply respect me just for doing it.. no longer will I allow those thoughts and fears of failing prevent me from what i’m pretty sure is my destiny.. i’ve been saying I want to be a performer for as long as I can remember and it would be a slap in the face to myself and God if I didn’t at least try. so here I am, trying.
ps. s/o to my man @onlyonebravo for the beat and for giving me extra space at the end of the song for me to be creative and experiment with rapping.. pps. let it be known, I memorized my rap lls I was jus a little tipsy and nervous and was scared that if I got too comfortable I would forget it all so I wanted to be safe than sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️😅 lastly, thank you @breneetierra for believing in me and plugging me into such an opportunity that planted the seeds for even more ❤️ #realniggasfuckwithmeandidgafwhodont

watch the snakes cause they watching you 😏

thankful to still be thankful 🙏🏽🦃

currently thinking about someone’s *sun 😂

mastered the art of sublime.

I just wanna say.. i’m having a great time with this palette lol thanks @bhcosmetics

cause life is a movie, play your own role; climb your own ladder or you dig your own hole ✨

wake up in the sky; you can’t tell me I ain’t fly


just say you will...

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