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Jayden Campbell  weddings + relationships + travels || based in calgary, canada! moving to orange county, california in may🌴 photography@jaydencampbell.ca

we are still waiting for our new visa to be processed with the US federal government. hopefully it will be done within the next week! this whole thing has been a confusing wild ride but I am learning lots about immigration so that’s cool hahaha. my poor sister @meganfolkins flew to cali a couple days ago to visit me but I’m not there hahaha 😅 *sweats profusely*

solid way to start the day? dropping your phone in your bowl of cereal. hahaha thank goodness she’s almond milk resistant 🙈🤦🏽‍♀️

what’s worse for you? smell of skunk or cow manure? (I thought about this for ten minutes and still can’t make a decision. pls persuade me either way haha).

look! it’s my face! time for five fun facts. .
ONE. I love water. nothing needs to be added to it. (except maybe some soft pebble ice haha).
TWO. my eyesight has been getting better over the past few years!! while jensen’s has been getting worse. we used to have the same prescription in both eyes but sadly we can no longer order mass amounts of contacts together.

THREE. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. still banking on it. hopefully in somewhere cool like turkey or jordan or india.

FOUR. I am not good at writing essays. thank goodness I was with jensen while I was going through post secondary hahaha. I would send him my ratchet essay to proof read and he would email it back a couple hours later making me sound like an educated adult.

and FIVE. I love long road trips as the passenger. if I have to be the driver I’m like nah let’s just fly there hahaha. I get too tired!! 🙈

the best deals I have ever made in my life were at the lunch table in elementary school. somebody wanted my apple in exchange for their cheese string? my whole wheat tortilla chips for their dunkaroos?! that was like crack cocaine for children. I would ride that high all dang DAY.

I’m a chronic over-sharer. I do have a filter, it is just a very loose one that lets too many things out sometimes. if I have ever shocked you with things I have said in the past. I’M NAT SORRY. this is who I am, son.
pls let me know in the comments something I have said before that surprised you. (slightly nervous to read them hahahah) 😬🙈

april babies - you lucky snitches - diamonds are your birthstone who even are you?!

PART TWO (from my last post): is it your day off today? if so, I have some more demanding advice for you. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. PULL YOUR PANTS OFF. TAKE OUT THE PONY. WHIP YOUR HAIR BACK AND FORTH. AND TAKE A FRICKIN NAAAAP. treat yo’ self. you deserve it bbg.

HI! I hope y’all have been having a lit day. if you’re looking for motivation right now I will provide. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. (like this photo first tho haha). PULL YOUR PANTS UP, TIGHTEN YOUR PONYTAIL, AND GET THE FRICK OFF YOUR BUTT AND BACK TO WERK. unless it’s your day off. then you do you, boo.

sorry for keeping you all hanging! we were declined (for the 3rd time) on friday night, so we had to wait until tuesday until we had some answers on what our future looks like.
the lawyers are applying straight to USCIS for our new visa, so we will know before we head to the border if we have been approved or not. (blessss up, because I am not sure if my heart could handle another border rejection haha). the premium processing takes 15 days after it’s been submitted! so we will be leaving in 3-4 weeks.
a lot of people asked my why we didn’t go to a different border after we were denied each time. sadly it’s considered border shopping and we could be automatically barred from going to the states for five years. 😬 if we already have our visa from the USCIS before we go next time, we CAN go to a different border! hollllaaa!
if you guys have any questions about this whole ordeal, let me know! I can post answers in my stories! feel free to DM them too! it’s been quite a wild ride 😅 and if you were hoping to do a photo shoot in the near future, hit me up! I have some availability now!! 🙈

when I was flying to boston for the weekend last year, the guy next to me on the plane did that horrible sniff-snort thing that fills your mouth with phlegm or whateva. he would do it on average of every twelve seconds. (yes I counted hahaha) I was going freakin NUTS. i cranked my music to tune it out with my headphones but I could still hear it. then when I was heading back to calgary a few days later, GUESS WHO WAS SITTING NEXT TO ME AGAIN?! I couldn’t believe it hahahaha. what are the odds?! and yas, the second that seatbelt light turned off I bolted to a different row to get away from the man haha

what do a walrus and a tupperware sales lady have in common?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
they are both looking for a tight seal 😏😂⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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