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Jayden Daniels  Johnson & Laird Management

Maaaaaan. I only met you once but I felt your presence throughout our whole country. Many, many good nights and memories I have danger swigging with my boys are attributed you. Rest easy eahh Johnny

Congrats to the Mā and sis in laws on the launch of their website for @theolfactorynz they make their own natural fragrances. They made me my own personal one and can make one for you too!! Or else go peep their collection. Proud of you guys 🙌🏽❤️x

Need a place to change you’re baby on the run? Hit me up!! Can fit at least another 3 #cleanbumsRus #equinox

🤴🏽’King Kaewa’ 🐻

Hey! You there! Do you want to earn an awesome levitating halo? Go get one of these 👉🏽😇 by donating at www.heartofgold.org.nz and help the amazing team at St John buy a brand new ambulance. They are selfless and save lives every day, so could you

My peeuu-tifal sisters

Thank you to the bro @forcexvelocity for... how do I say.... killing us. Until next time brother.

My type of bootcamp

So what?! We boys @ryanlampp

Let me reiterate..
That’s my whanuk ❤️

Young throwy

Welcome to my fishing show. Where I teach YOU! To fish, Fo Sho 🛥🎣

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