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Just over 3 weeks until the Olympia... Who will be attending? ... Who is your favorite fitness personality? #MrOlympia #CutlerNation #JoeWeirder #TeamCutler

Whether an athlete, bodybuilder, or fitness enthusiast, your job includes eating the right number of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. It’s important to understand what each is and how your body reacts to these certain types of foods. You need to know your ratios too, I have never been the guy that can eat only egg whites and oatmeal or fish and vegetables, if I do, I shrink. I need a lot of simple carbs and higher amounts of protein like you see here with white rice and chicken. Whether if you compete or not it’s good to hire someone who can keep another set of eyes on you. Do it right because nutrition is more important than the weight training itself.
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The Jay Way… "The Bench Sumo Squat" - I have been adjusting my training around my lifestyle when it comes to my most recent workouts. Since I spend more time in the car driving to events or on planes flying to appearances, I am sitting down for long periods of time witch has caused me some lower back pain. I have added the Sumo Squat to my routine to help alleviate pain in my lower back. The sumo squat places more emphasis on the inner thighs and glutes. Having stronger glutes takes stress off the spine because the glutes also help control movements of the torso, pelvis, hips and legs.This movement is pretty simple as you can see but here are some key points to remember… ❗️Place your feet wider than shoulder with apart with your toes slightly pointed out, keep your chest up, do not round your back and push through your heals on the way up. 
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Back in 1995

Huge thank you to the young men and women who serve our country. #USA #USMarines #TwentyninePalms #SupportTheTroops

Signing all those Blue Stingray orders from last weeks promotion at the @official_otomix headquarters. This weeks promo is for 30% off if you use code "JAY30" On Otomix.com #KOTD

The Jay Way...Plate Front Raise: ✔️1. Hold the plate at 10&2 like you're driving. ✔️2. Bring the weight straight up without going too far over your head, the plate should seem as if it's on a vertical line in front of you. ✔️3. On the bottom make sure you do not come in towards the body with the weight, image the weight only going straight up and down. *This movement will help isolate that front delt for optimal growth. #TheJayWay #Shoulders

So another one in the books for 2017.
Thank you Virginia for once again providing us with another successful event, I always wished to retire and take the initiative to create a platform for our next generation to showcase talents.... we have achieved that once again. Congrats not only to everyone competing today but also to our overall winners. #npc #jaycutler #mrolympia #legend

Just about 4 weeks to go for this years Olympia. I'm curious to know, who is your pick to win it all? (Don't choose me) @cutler_nutrition @bpi_sports @cutlerathleticsofficial @mrolympiallc

It was a nice change of pace to spend some time with close friends without thinking about work. Now it's back to business as I travel to Richmond, Virginia for the @jaycutlerclassicva this weekend.

Make time for yourself and balance all the different aspects of your life!! After becoming the best bodybuilder in the world multiple times over a two decade span and living such a structured routine for many years, I'm still learning how to find more balance in my own life. So I'm encouraging and challenging you guys out there to try something you've never done that may be out of your comfort zone or try something you've always wanted to do, but 'never had the time to do it.' #NoExcuses #ChallengYourself #JayCutlerChalleng

It's about 20 years now that @paintherapy and I have been working together. Message therapy and tissue work is ideal for athletes and those people who are active to help reduce injuries. Therapy will also help people who may be looking to manage chronic pain or reduce pain. #SteveMurphey #NMT #NeuromuscularTherapy www.PerfitFitness.com

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