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jaycocadiz  "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar #ninergang #yeeofficial #FatlaceMK7

Blessings on blessings on blessings! Stay up! Life is too good, and too short to worry about things we don't have. Make the most of what you got! #blessed #sundaythoughts

Less git it! First game of the season! #vamosgigantes #gogiants #sf #slaaaapppp

On this day next year @scarletface will be known as Mrs. Cocadiz. Cinco de Mayo, more like, #CincoJaySkyYo 🙌🏼 #NobodysButCocadiz #SkyandJayGoAlltheWay

The Japanese Tea Garden is one of many hidden treasures in SF. Definitely had a good time seeing what it had to offer! #latergram #sf

Happy Birthday to my fiancée @scarletface ! Thanks for a bomb ass trip in Vegas this past weekend 🙌🏼

Mornings in Vegas be like..... 🤑 #slaaaapp #viewsfromthe54thfloor

I'll let you all in on a secret, I've had @scarletface saved on my phone as "Mrs. Future Cocadiz" for just about five years and we've been dating for six and a half years. 🙄Sometimes God gives you blessings and tells you to hold and cherish it, and that is exactly what I did. Happy one year of engagement babe. #SkyandJayGoAlltheWay #NobodysbutCocadiz

This car never gets old! The one that started it all for me. #forsale #jkjkjkjk

Alamere Falls, you slaapp. #alamerefalls #slaaappp

Before the night ends, I would like to thank my Valentine @scarletface for these past six years. I'm so blessed to know that I'm marrying my best friend 😘 #IGMYOD #IGHBWYOD

Welcome back to the Niner Empire Kyle! From 49ers Ball Boy to 49ers Head Coach, coming full circle must feel legit af. Best thing about the season ending is finally signing this dude! @49ers #slaaappp #ninergang

Thanks to @ianfrancis @txwong and @lindseeynguyeen for letting @scarletface and I stay at your place in SD! Gotta thank @sdlexx and @hugejabes for a great time as well! You stay classy San Diego, till next time caasshh me oussahhh, how bou daahh.

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