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Jaycee  #YoungTeam #WA 🇦🇺 "TRUTH IS COLD" FREESTYLE OUT NOW ⬇️

Just hanging out and trusting the process... oh yeah and in case you haven't heard I will be doing my own show on April 20th (all ages in Perth).
More info coming soon.
📷 by @justplaymedia

Perth I am ready.
This Friday It goes down at Elizabeth Quay.
I will be on at 9:00pm to light up the city and represent.
see you all there #YoungTeam
Grab you tickets in @onedayers Bio.

‘Truth Is Cold Freestyle’ out now. Watch the full One take video in my bio.
I made this beat and I couldn’t resist writing to it. It’s Better to let this energy out into the world then keep in it to myself.

I did like 50 presales,
thats still a good night so why they salty like some sea shells.
I hear you talking about your seat sales,
I swear you all hype like I been selling shoes in retail.
I swear you rapping just to meet girls,
you looking kinda guilty like a fat kid eating cheat meals.
I wont be signing any cheap deals,
they want to steal my bag like the grinch Christmas eve feels.

Feelin Wavey 🌊

Some of my most factual bars. People take notes. Artists flexing money they dont have, Disrespecting women like its cool and acting like they got guns and are gangsters. Am I the only one who finds this wack as f*ck.
Music for me is about self expression of the world as I live it. Shout out to all the real ones who are taking Australian music to the next level.
Be Authentic.

I hope everyone is having an amazing day. If you are able to read this , You have every reason to be happy.

Positive vibes always. Have fun on your travels.
#YoungTeam 👊🏾

If I didn’t get kicked out of my band this is how the ‘Authentic Freestyle’ would of gone down 😂
Who could get amongst an unplugged version ?? #YoungTeam

link in bio 🇦🇺
Raw, Factual and straight bars.
Share this around everywhere and tag your friends.
Big love to @justplaymedia for filming this one take.
#YoungTeam #Freestyle #onetake #Perth #Australia

‘Authentic’ Freestyle out now on YouTube. Link in bio

With two legends.
Its for the city 😤🇦🇺
#YoungTeam #StreetX #NoJumper

I have been cookin 👨🏾‍🍳
#Songaday #YoungTeam

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