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JAY ALVARREZ  Living Everywhere & NoWhere Contact Me - team.jay@twopillarmgmt.com My Videos 🖤 ⤵️

My favorite collaboration i’ve ever done.. @douchebags are restocking the collection now, what a craaaazy life man never thought getting thrown outta a heli in a suitcase would pay the bills 🤷‍♀️ what’s next on the list 😏🌍🛸

Ain’t that the truth.. I view my self as a very understanding and open minded human, I’ve been on both sides of the coin..danced with devils and angels & experienced the ceiling of my consciousness but Social media is still one thing that fucks with my head before this I never gave a fuck, I never gave any fucks of how people perceived me.. Social media especially Instagram, twitter, gives me unneeded stress & creates a false atmosphere to coexist with.. but it’s also gives me the biggest freedom I could ever experience, without it I wouldn’t have been able to do or experience 1/10th of what I’ve been through at this age.. I know all these models, all the “influencers” and whatever else you see with a blue check mark on here.. trust me they are just as lost as anyone else. I dream to be able to just make art, surf, fly, travel, study and help others understand them self and to discover more things about me and you as a human.. financially I ain’t there yet and this cell phone has been my ticket out of this god forsaken system we have. I’m just as emotional and alive as the rest of you. I’ve always had a vision and a passion.. never have I doubted that. the goal wasn’t to have a lot of followers it was to cross people who understand my mind and have that same energy as me to connect with.. I wonder how long this social media thing will last or what will it evolve into. 🌍🖤💡 Update: Yooo thanks for so much sweet words and kindness i’m 100% good hahaha I didn’t mean for this to come off on a depressive way there is many pros as well as cons, regardless if social media is here or not i’d be doing the same thing !! no bad vibes just acknowledging something in our generation we can all relate to!!

“I’m dreaming of you in colors that don’t exist”.. Malibu sunshine ayooo 🙏🏽🖤💧

Sometimes life still feels surreal when I look back on things 😵.. all of you that bought the new @douchebags line we dropped hope you love it like crazy.. I promise every dollar I make will go to the “Jay go have fun foundation” doing more stupid crazy ideas soon 😈😏🙏🏽... and i’m flying home to Hawaii now 😘😻

It’s been a long few days & a lot is going well at the moment.. 💧regardless been feeling “depersonalization”.. what is it? The persistent feeling of observing oneself from outside one’s body or having a sense that one’s surroundings aren't real.. ha go figure🕊 Most of you following me are between 18-35 i’m sure you’ve felt it as well before.. not always a bad thing but always wakes me up a bit from reality 😵.. Getting home to hawaii and getting ready for Saudi Arabia 🙏🏽♥️🛸

GUYS it’s here!! My dream collection of travel bags.. I believe in this so much and have been using these the past years of my life nothing beats them @douchebags!! I trust them so much I locked myself in one and got thrown out this heli.. trust me this is one of the scariest moments of my life.. thanks to a crazy team always pushing us to go bigger and better.. EPIC!!! tag a friend and I’ll choose one winner to send the full collection! 😈♥️🙏🏽

Just another casual afternoon out here in LA.. always getting up to something fun with the crew 🤪👏🏽♥️ I met the @suspiciousantwerp boys a year ago and they have been crushing it.. glad I convinced them to make new black shirts 🙏🏽💃🏽💞 #suspiciousantwerppartener

GEEET TO THEEE HELIIII 😈🤪♥️ traveling has been apart of my soul & life since i’ve made my first dollar.. I remember my broke ass traveling around with the most random unlogical baggage.. when I got the opportunity to create with @douchebags I knew we were going to create something unreal.. this ones for all my travelers & creatives.. dropping in a few days Sept 4th!! ♥️🙏🏽

September 4th my custom line with @douchebags drops best travel bags in the world! (I know catchy name 😘 for any of you that actually know me in real life know i’m a lover ❤️) can’t wait for you guys to see them 😈💃🏽!

Just missing a few tattoos in this one 😘.. @mariotestino towel series 🚀💃🏽

Father life 😈.. yes this is a thing and he loves it 🚀♥️😛

Me & my boy @eljuanpazurita just dropped our collaboration limited T-Shirt.. A very simple message that has stood with me since the start.. LESS HUMAN MORE BEING.. always looking to get out of my mind and body.. We filmed a video in my home town in hawaii that i’ll be posting soon. What a crazy week.. 😂 Hope you guys love it 😈👊🏽♥️ @acapellaco @livelokai

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