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I am done! Baby Luna will have me eating out of the palm of her hands. I can't explain how happy I am. I can't explain how anxious I am to meet her. It's just unexplainable. I just wish @ximenaduque was a little bit more excited about having a girl, LMAO. I really love how happy you were to see those pink balloons...

Hmmmm #pink or #blue #boy or #girl //#Repost @ximenaduque (@get_repost)
Hagan sus apuestas??? Mamá y papá vestidos de Rosado porque sentimos que es niña, el hermano @carabiascristan completamente vestido de azul está completamente seguro que es niño... hum 🤔Quien tendrá la razón? #genderreveal #boyorgirl #baby #pregnant #babygirl or #babyboy pronto les contare!!!!!!!!

The cover of our agency monthly magazine. We are #agentsofchange helping people every month through our offices volunteering, and raising money for people in our community in need every month. If you want to know how you can volunteer with us, or help us with our cause visit our web-site @ www. ProVestinsurance.com.

Dedication. No excuses. Best coach @hotrodsmith Best player @carabiascristan All about greatness. So so proud of you...love you

Truly the happiest moment of my life, besides our wedding day. Knowing I will spend the rest of my life with you and Now to be able to share the blessing of raising a child, and helping with @carabiascristan and being a part of an amazing family is a dream come true. I'm so ecstatic you will be the mother of my child. To watch you be an amazing mother to Cristan and to know you will be the mother of my child is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. I admire and love you with all my heart. //#Repost @ximenaduque (@get_repost)
Las promesas de Dios se cumplen... TODOS los anhelos de tu corazón se cumplen.... así es, ahora seremos 4 mejor dicho 6 🐶🐶. Estamos felices es un bebe muy muy deseado... Se preguntarán por qué espere tanto para anunciarlo y la verdad es que quería pasar los meses más cruciales del embarazo y asegurarme que todo estaba bien además de haber estado muy enferma, todos los malestares TODOS los tuve pero ya me siento fuerte y con mejor semblante 😊😊ahora espero disfrutar cada segundo de está hermosa bendición junto a mi esposo @jayadkins3 que es un ser maravilloso, un hombre que a hecho todos mis sueños realidad y junto a mi hijo @carabiascristan que siempre será mi primer amor y mi gran bendición... Gracias papá Dios por consentirme de esta manera. Besos para todos ustedes que me han apoyado y se que ahora estarán muy pendientes de mi embarazo ❤️❤️❤️. Gracias @pipejaramillos por haber capturado una vez más un momento tan especial en mi vida, WE LOVE YOU!!! #familia #family #embarazo #pregnant #amor #love

What a wonderful birthday with my beautiful wife. Thank you for my surprise birthday party with family and friends. You are so special and made my birthday so amazing. Te amo @ximenaduque

Fun day of golf with these amazing friends. Thanks for being such great human beings!!

Talent is a small ingredient of success. Hard work is what creates greatness. No such thing as lucky. Be obsessed with your goals and dreams and that's how you will conquer them. No such thing as a prodigy, they just love what they do, and are just obsessed with being great. Anyone can be great if you put your mind to it. Make a decision to be great every single day!!! So so proud of you @carabiascristan. @ximenaduque and @christiancarabias you have done such an amazing job creating greatness within Cristan.

Make a commitment to yourself and to the universe, and make all of your dreams come true. Train daily to get better at what you want to be GREAT at. So proud of you @carabiascristan. I know you will attain your goal to play in the @nba one day #nba

Rocking our cloths from @cubavera and @laundrybyshelli on the last day of our honeymoon...#ad #lovelaundry #Repost @ximenaduque (@get_repost)
#locked #love @jayadkins3 @cubavera loving my dress from @laundrybyshelli 💃💃💃 #borabora ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My wife "Swimming with the Stingray's" or hiding behind me to stay away from them 😳LOML @ximenaduque

Thank you so much @laundrybyshelli and @cubavera for our amazing outfits for our #honeymoon//#Repost @ximenaduque (@get_repost)
Loving our @laundrybyshelli and @cubavera outfits 😊😊 thank you 😘😘😘😘 #honeymoon @jayadkins3 // Vistiendo la marca @laundrybyshelli y @cubavera gracias por tan lindos regalos! 😘 #borabora #frenchpolynesia #love

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