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First time in , MEMPHIS tonight!!! #hype If your in the area Come through!!!!!!!! #Bloodywintour is here #NeverStopDreaming #Blessed

Birmingham #BloodyWinTour is bringing you special offer for
Buy 1 VIP Ticket and Get 1 FREE! TONIGHT

I'm HONORED to say OFFICIALLY that @rexreginallc brought me on board with them!!! And as a band in Baltimore we debuted the shirts in our hometown (well most of us) !!! If your not hip??? Just look at the page they have some amazing shirts !!!! Let's go!!

Drums is my 💜 but God allowed me to have another gift and I guess he decided he wanted me to use both in one night!!!!! 😱smh I'm honored. God LITERALLY took over bc I was soooo nervous! @bowtyetrib I'm still speechless from that opportunity thank you so much!! God is amazing I never thought I would be strong enough to do BOTH!! And then?? My lil homie got on and KILLED!!!!! @rjdrummer10 please people pay attention to this young man his is next!! (no convention talk) that's REAL!! #NeverStopDreaming #regaltip #bloodywintour #AllGod🙌🏻

Monday night I am still speechless where do I start. From the jump God has been showing off from the band to the singers to the artists! The connection , the bond , the pure worship that we all have as team !! EVEN from the security on down! This is an experience I will never forget!!!! #NeverStopDreaming #bloodywintour
@bowtyetrib @jjhairston @taylrg @kurtis_pitts @von_cocapt @jayp_productions @mobass1019 @jekalyncarr @tashacobbsleonard

RICHMOND TONIGHT!!!!!! V.A Beach was LIT last night....if you missed it? Here's another opportunity 👊🏽 #bloodywintour oH and I ALWAYS gotta have my @regal_tip 5aX sticks #CopUp #NeverStopDreaming

Playing around in soundcheck last week in Atlanta if you listen closely ....I'm attempting to lock with @mobass1019 😂 #justhavingfun #noheadphones #justplayingwhatihear #GoodMorning #JNelson #NeverStopDreaming #thankyougodformygift

Made it to another year!!! #BLESSED ANDDDD today also makes 3 AMAZING years since I've been with @bowtyetrib #HONORED 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 #happybirthdaytome🎉 🎥 by @_artsybmd #NeverStopDreaming

This tour , this team which happens to be my bro's!!!!!! @mobass1019 @jayp_productions @von_cocapt @kurtis_pitts also Unc @bowtyetrib has expanded my gift COMPLETELY!!!!! We are in war!!!! And I'm grateful to be able to express my feelings , my frustration, my thoughts , and words that I can't express all the time to the DEVIL that has tried EVERYTHING to bring me down!!! BUt by GOD'S grace HE allowed me to win even though it wasn't pretty it was #BLOODYWIN .....here's my expression #bloodywintour #ihopeyougotyourtickets #regaltip @regal_tip @frankieregaltips #NeverStopDreaming #JNelson

You know how someone is just Anointed to do what they do? We'll meet @von_cocapt One of the best to do this! You were made to carry this legacy my g! Continue and let God guide you! It's doesn't stop here! Monday night in Jacksonville was incredible....I hope you got your tickets man..... you never know what's going to happen!!! #bloodywintour #NeverStopDreaming #JNelson

This may not get a lot of likes but remember, before all them chops 😬??? play the record !!!! This weekend to start off the tour was absolutely crazy!! Can't say it enough how grateful I am to be apart!!! Hope y'all got y'all tickets 👊🏽............📸: *jaylen moore* #bloodywintour #NeverStopDreaming #JNelson

What an amazing night to start the tour off !!! Orlando sold it out the FIRST night😱😱!!!! Smh were in Duval County tonight!! Jacksonville let's turn up tonight!!!!! This photo is cray don't you agree????!! 📸 by @ladybrookelynn #NeverStopDreaming #JNelson

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