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🇹🇹VerSe🇩🇴  That crazy ass Bronx Rapper 😝 MC | Artist|SongWriter |Prophet Good Fellas BornMinds Inquires: Javontreherne@gmail.com


I want more for my self in need of selfish ways/
put my heart on a skillet and watch it melt away -verse

Love is love, respect is respect, loyalty is loyalty, family is family. All my life I've listened to people talk that talk about loyalty honor and respect. But I've watch my own flesh and blood attempt to shit on my existence. From my mother and my beautiful grandmother and grandfather up in heaven. To my ride or die, brothers and sister. To even some who I don't have pics with have shown me the value of my self and life. Believe in me and always are there on the front lines. When I doubt my self they bring that spirit right back up in me. So I do this music not only for my self, but for my mother first and everyone else I love. I'm truly thankful for you guys. I love yah all so much. There's a few people missing. And yah love never goes unnoticed. I'm really thankful for this life god has blessed me with.

It's nights like these I just wish I can call you. I listen to your old voicemails and just wish I was able to ask you about your day and tell you about mine, ask you how to handle certain situations. And just hear you voice. Nights like these when everyone is busy with their lives reminds me how you always managed to stop time just to hear about mine. Today was rough and I almost lost it and could of hurt someone. idk maybe that was your way of letting me know you was there with me because it didn't happen. Love you and miss you 😘.

You may not be the guy that wanted to be Behind the lens anymore but you talents will still create that movie someday... VerSe

I'm working. Earning yah respect.. like share comment show me ❤️. More in store for yah!! #Bx let's together make this viral @theshaderoom @balleralert @worldlatinstar @worldstar @nas @jermainedupri #jadakiss #daveeast #jayz #hiphop #rap #bronx #underground @jzapalvonkrishna @warreng

Here's a lil preview of a new song I'm working on. Lmk what you guys think... like share comment. It cuts off towards the end but just a little something I'm working on!!! thanks to the beautiful talented @sza for the motivation ❤️❤️❤️ @jermainedupri @nas @jzapalvonkrishna @warreng @cthagod @therealmaryjblige

We see you my brother. Instagram can delete as much as they want. But we see you. We see your message. This world is dying because we are killing it. We need to back one another up and delegate love, life, and happiness as our only option for change!!!! @jaymazini your words are inspiring, your courage and strength and your stands on the front lines aren't unnoticed!!! #love is the only option. #life is the only vessel for humanity, and #happiness is the true major key!!! God bless the world.

This man spends millions of our tax money to fly his family on vacations all around the world. Can't even pay for his own protection. So he cuts one of the most important program "DACA" that was put in place by president Obama in 2012 that helps our immigrants all over the United States with funding to go to school, gives immigrants the right to work and helps with many other things like social security benefits etc. This country was built on immigrants. This mans father was a Irish immigrant. So how dare you think about stoping such a important program. I will stand and support all my immigrant brothers and sisters. My beautiful people it's time we stand together and fight for what's ours, our right as humans!!! #daca

#tbt pics of me and my queen ❤️ love you

I love hip hop. I am hip hop!!! #nextup

Happy birthday to my lil brother oldGtrippleOGSHOTTABUMBACLOTTTACEboogieMOMoNeeY. Love you my brother!! We out here! #ganggang #family #forever yo @djkhaled can we get a shoutout wassup!!! It's a real ones birthday!!!

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