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I was counted out years ago. #nowisyourtime

After this past weekends events... all I can say is........ all I can be is Next up, Or die trying.

Love is love. #bigsister #lilbrother #tbt

Forever my family..... forever my brothers! #tbt #missingafew


One of the reason why I started rapping. Pun wasn't just a Bronx dude who was Latino and could rap. To me he was a symbol, a staple, a iconic figure who shaped the fucking game. He was and still is one of my heroes. A true legend in my eyes. If the game don't start paying respect to one of my hero and one of the legends from the borough where all this shit started "Da BRONX" Ima start gunning all you niggas down one by one bar for bar. This is our shit, puns shit, @teacha_krsone shit @fatjoe shit @remyma shit, @bigpunisherforever every other legend from the borough of the bullies. #ifyouproudtobelatinorightnowstandthefuckup #imup #bigpun #bigpunisher #foreverpun #sip #rip #nextup #verse #staytuned #newking

Don't be good my n**** be great!!! Get yours now👉🏽 @rangclub_ link in the bio!!!!!!!

You are my everything. love you mommy ❤️#family

Lost files; my brothers!!!! All I need ✊🏽#family

All i'm about is family. I honestly don't need friends. Either fuck with me or leave me alone. Cause I don't got the time. Lawd knows I don't got the time!!! #roadto25 #71moredays #godbless

If you guys can please. Help out one of my friends. Her family's going through alot and lost it all. We all we got as people of color so please if u can. Donate!!! please share and support. God bless!!! To donate just click the link in my bio or her sisters instagram that is tagged... like I said before we all we got!

Good morning.