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JL Marquis  ▪️dog mom ▪️weightlifter and @cvillestrength coach ▪️no, i don’t know how much i bench ▪️texan ▪️army nurse turned mba ▪️quadsquad - 15% off @fnx_fit

Always love the background of my training videos when I’m at Alpha. But the hang power doubles emom....ugh.

Enjoying his morning coffee in the WA sun. #wheredthehumiditygo #beaglelife

“No Auntie, you take selfies like THIS!”

I’m making my own sport, it’s called Ballifting — you snatch to second position. #holyturnoutbatman

Not sure the bar could be any further from my body, but putting a bit more overhead last night.


My technique is meh and the comeback is frustrating to say the least. I kinda hate lifting right now. All I do lately is watch my videos and cringe. This double is the most that I’ve put overhead since my cb fx, which is not much. Losing a few kg over the last couple of weeks unintentionally doesn’t help either. But also thinking about every weightlifter’s favorite question right now: which class do I go for? But on the bright side, this double was my goal for the day and I hit it first attempt. Through the magic of editing, you don’t have to watch all of the screwing around that happens between a “double”.

#happyfourth handstand

After getting crushed on Saturday, today was just pull and pray. Warm up weights were my working sets that seemed like PR attempts. Just trying to survive.**** @fnx_fit keeping me pushing through today. Use code “quadsquad” to save 💵.

How every snatch and CJ felt this morning in the heat. #dying #myeverythinghurts #whenbacksquatsweremyfavethingtodaysomethingswrong

“I’d be happy to eat some of those frozen waffles and turkey burgers that you’re trying to get rid of.”

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