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PR 3 rep max back squat and only 5kg under my current one rep. And on some tiiiiiired legs. Looking forward to a deload before a final stretch to my next meet. ****
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The only good part of power snatch doubles today...putting the bar back down. Light weight, but still awful. #whyarethesesohard?!

Crose Rose on a Wednesday because #syby. #whatcases?

*he has me trapped laying between my legs. * i need to get up. *i am too much of a sucker to move him. *so I’ll just lay here stuck. #dogmom #dontsendhelp #quadpillows

Programming: sets of 5 strict pull-ups.
Me: wheeeeeeee
**pardon the window lighting.

Despite getting the Darden fever plague this week, I still managed an easy 5kg PR in my 8 rep snatch PP. Did it as auxiliary work, not even a max attempt. 6 months ago, I wasn’t even hitting this for a 5RM. Getting stronger.

#tbt to jumping out of the car at #discoverypark to take a photo under the #Texas street sign. Pro tip: if you wear two sweatshirts and a coat, you stay warmer. You’re welcome. #honorarybillygoat 📷: @emmawilkinson15

Current status: going through a 3/8 life crisis because I’m not ready to graduate in May. Cut hair off ✅ repierce nose ✅ #dontmakemebeanadultagain #cutmyhairoffandrepiercedmynoselastweek #sorrymom #shehasntnoticedinfacetimeorsnapchatyet

Dancing makes you lift much more better. #science (And before you insta-trolls get ridiculous, I know that is horrible grammar.)

Second day back at it after a week off to let my body heal a bit. Lots of otm work in this cycle, which I LOVE. Increased kgs with each rep, so by the end, I’ve used pretty much every change plate in the gym. 👍🏼 Maybe one day I’ll have decent jerks....maybe...But no misses today or snatching yesterday. Off to a good start. But the week off has me feeling soooooore after yesterday. #legsnotworking 💪🏼 🏋🏻‍♀️

I’ve had lots of different hair lengths, colors, and shapes over the years. Today I went for a long angled bob and the last remnants of my blonde were cut out. One thing I’ll never lose though is my tan. 💁🏻‍♀️ I suppose that you could call this a #fbf.

Sometimes celebrating other’s accomplishments is more exciting than celebrating my own. Way to crush it yesterday @stacyleona2!

Added some hardware to the collection today after an exhausting, albeit fabulous, 16 hour day with @cvillestrength at the #olddominionclassic2018. Coached in 3 sessions in addition to lifting. Today’s openers were my third attempts back in early October and my total increased by 20kg from this same meet last year. Time to enjoy a rest week before getting back to working hard. But for now, I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep. #letsdothis

Some nice light work as a last workout before competing with the @cvillestrength crew on Sunday. Spent an hour looking for my singlet earlier only to realize that I stupidly decided to pack it away with my summer gym clothes. 🙄 Feeling surprisingly good after a really busy week. Looking forward to trusting the hard work that I’ve put in over the last few months and leaving it all out there on the platform on Sunday. So here’s to feeling good and body weight being 👌🏼. @erik.t.miller @charlesriverbarbell

Am I the only one that has ZERO motivation on a deload week?! Light weights, but I just don’t wanna train. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And like, the world’s laziest loader. ⬆️⬆️ oh well...4 days out.

Going back to class today after six weeks off like...brace for impact. #ugh #adultingvacation #5daysout

Taking bets for how much of the @starbucks #puppuccino made it in his mouth vs in my car.

“Excuse me! I was promised treats for good behavior and the five that I’ve had just doesn’t seem like enough.” -Tucker @olddominionanimalhospital

3+3s followed by 2+2s is basically cardio. Here’s some jerks from today. I cut out the cleans because that’s the boring part. Light weight, but trying to work on a better, more consistent, stronger jerk. Sorry for the angle with the glaring lighting... @tessitory has all of these new rules for videos. 😉

The many faces of my btn jerk triples. #sevenchins

Coaching outfit level: expert. #thickthighsthinpatience

Not one other person in my #2017bestnine....not even Tucker?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Oh well. Solid year. Apparently y’all like lifting and special occasions.

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