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JAY CROFT  ⚡︎ living, not existing ⚡︎ ✈︎ chasing my excitement currently - olympia, wa 𖤥 🔥 SELLING MY PRESETS 🔥 DM ME!

Another sunrise, another new beginning. Every day is a gift 🙏

Cabin in the woods ⇞

Lucid dreams 🌙

Find someone to complement you, not complete you. I encourage you not to fill a void - but instead work on yourself, your own happiness and I promise the right person will come along. Forever thankful for you, Kate The Great 🖤

That Oahu burn 🔥🍭 // Living for moments like this, moments when I feel most alive ⚡️

Backroad Bliss 🏔

The universe blows my mind every day. There are infinite and endless possibilities at any moment. What you choose to put your attention on will manifest in the material world. We can have, do, and be anything we want - we just have to speak to the universe, align our frequency, and be open to its magic 💫

Worry less, smile more ツ

A heart without dreams is like a bird without feathers 🙏 side note: experiencing a massive creative rut lately... 🙃 but I’ll always keep pushing the limits and striving to get better every day 😤👊 anyone else?

Exploring PNW paradise before I head off to the tropics 😛 Forever grateful for my home state but excited to get back on the travel grind 🌲🔜🌴

Gotta get that angle with the pinky 😂 Fun fact: believe it or not, most of my shots are with a Canon T5i Rebel.. Although I upgraded recently, it doesn’t take thousands of dollars of equipment to share your experiences and start your creative journey 😌📸 What was your first camera? // Shot by my brother @thebarefootboy on Kauai this past winter 🖤

Adopt the pace of Mother Nature - her secret is patience 🍃🧘‍♂️

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