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Shaely  24 years young. Single. Jax Kaos is my life. Mommy before anything else. Love art of all forms. Poetry. Deep conversations. Coffee addict. ItWorks!❤💋


THESE👇🏼 RESULTS ARE WITH THE TRIPLE THREAT, Y'ALL!!! These 3 products (Greens, Fat Fighter & ThermoFit) are awesome when used alone...but when used together?!?! THEY. ARE. THE. 💥BOMB💥!!!! Want YOUR daily serving of 🍎🍇🥕🌽fruits/veges/vitamins🍌🥜🌰🍓? Need to 🚫BLOCK🚫 fat absorption? Want to speed up your metabolism, 🔥BURN🔥 more calories, and have more 🏃🏻‍♀️energy🏃🏻‍♀️? Then the "Triple Threat" is for YOU!

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This little drink gives 8+ servings of fruits 🍇 & Veggies 🥕, 54+ superfoods, detoxifies, alkalizes and makes your body feel SOOO good!😋 Plus you can even she'd some pounds with this little drink❤️ Do yourself a favor and get on our BERRY or ORANGE 90 day challenge! You will be fueling your body with all of that goodness for about $1 a day!! You're health is worth it!! 💪🏻

Have you ever taken a selfie📸 and #hashtag where you're going or tagged the store you got your outfit?
Have you ever taken a picture of a drink🍸 and tagged the restaurant where you're enjoying it?? (I see you posting about your Starbucks unicorn🦄 frappes!).Lol
Have you ever shared with your friends your latest makeup💄, television show, shoe obsession?

GUESS what⁉ You're an unpaid Network Marketer! You are doing exactly what we do EVERY DAY. Your just not getting paid for it...!crazy right?
We build our business by sharing our lifestyle & activities with the world. That is how simple it is being a wrap girl‼ Share products, Share your interests & build relationships! How fun does that sound??? So when your ready to join us. Send me a 💌message I'm going to change your life If you are Seriously ready for your life to change!
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All of my last hair models have officially received their Hair Skin Nails!!📫 YAY!!!!🎉 I'm so excited to see their 30, 60, and 90 day hair results!!!! Anyone else trying to grow out their hair?! 🙋🏻 Because of high demand, I'm looking for 4-8 more people who would like to grow out their hair long and strong!! Comment ❤ below

The best part of my job is working from home & creating my own hours. It's not having to dress up but being able to be comfortable. It's being able to stay at home with my son and not have to miss out on a single day of him growing up. It's the feeling of self worth & self improvement along the way because of how caring my company is to not only it's distributors but to it's customers. It's my team and how they have turned into friends and how my company treats all of us like one big family. There will always be people you say it's scam, the products don't work...etc. But I know the truth...this company has changed my life.!! I know not everyone is willing to take the chance to try our products or join. I was that person at one time but my company is more than just work...it's gave me something to look forward to. It's changed my life in ways I never thought "work" could. I just wanna help other people change their lives too.!! Maybe your holding back because you don't have the money. That's okay...I was that person too.!! My fiance is an addict, I was broke, I had to move back in with my parents, and I've practically had to raise my son on my own...I've had the weight of the world on my shoulders but that didn't stop me from coming up with the money to join this company and change my family's lives. All I'm asking is if you have been watching me and are even a little bit curious...reach out. I will give you as much info as you want...no obligations let's just chat.!! I just wanna give others that financial freedom, sense of self worth & help change lives.💚 Message me...I am not gonna push anything or anyone but I would love to give you info to help change your life...💚 #WeAreItWorks #CommitDontQuit #ItsTimeToDoSomethingToChangeYourLife

My friend Tracie👯 started her cleanse 2 days ago and got on the scale today and WOW😱!! 
Who wouldn't love to lose some extra weight before summer,☀a wedding👗 you need to attend, or just feel better💃🏻

Comment below👇🏻 or 💌message me

Ladies!!! Summer is around the corner! 👙☀️ It will be here before you know it! Why not get a jump start?! I'm looking for 4 more people to do a 12 week challenge for me 💪
Everyone's getting pumped for swimsuit season👙 workin' on their toned tummy

Month 1: Detox/Cleanse to have more energy and empty all the junk & sludge from processed foods🍕🌮🍨🍟 Month 2: Thermofit/fat fighters to burn calories and curb those cravings 🍴

Month 3: Wrap to tighten tone and firm that belly 🔥👗 Ready? Msg me now!

Alright let me hear it! If you could only pick one, which one?😍

YAY! 💖 It Works just launched •7• new packs to spoil the lovely ladies in your life! Whether it's for your ... wife 👰🏼
mama 👩🏽
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daughter👧🏼 These gift packs are perfect for pampering the women in your world!
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Let's give HER somethin to talk about! We've got 7 Gift Sets for the special lady in your life who deserves to be pampered. Hey Mamas, how about you treat yourself?! Love, appreciate, and spoil with these limited time sets 💚. Over 50% savings, gift her (or yourself!) something that'll truly make her say "ahhh"!

🙋🏻Have you been thinking about working from home to earn an extra income but just want to "TRY IT"?👈🏻
I am going to be taking 5 "Trial Distributors"
This will be a TRIAL BASIS to see if it is a good fit for you. You will be able to test the waters of being a distributor with ItWorks making an extra income for you and your family.
We will spend the next 2 months working together. You can earn:
$100+ cash
$500+ in commission
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Decide after those 2 months if ItWorks is for you! Minimal start up cost $99 (we've all spent that on a Target run right?) with the potiential to make back so much more!!
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"She's just faking it." 🙄Results prove otherwise. 💁🏼 "She's annoying with all her crazy 😜 posts." I will continue to be annoying until you either block me or join me. 🤣 "There's no way I can do this." Of course not if you never try and you don't put effort into it‼️"I'm afraid I'll do it wrong." 😔I'll be here to help you every step of the way! 😘 "I don't know if I'm cut out for this kind of stuff." I see you're constantly on social media, wearing cute clothes 👗and taking selfies...YES YOU ARE‼️"I don't have the time ⏱." Ok so you're telling me you can't take 2️⃣ minutes out of your day to post a status to change both YOUR life and someone elses❓It's time to 🚫 with the excuses and join my team❗️If I can do it, so can you‼️ I believe in you‼️‼️ Message me ☺️☺️

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