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Yesterday I trained hips! Yes hips. It’s a thing 💁🏽‍♀️ I got a new tattoo & couldn’t sweat too much so focused on band work only. Editing some vids so I can show you all tomorrow! I’ll explain the benefits of hip exercises too. Double tap if you’re looking forward to it 💕

Messy room? Where? 😅
I’ve been back in Philly all week, wasn’t away long, yet somehow reorganizing life seems to be such a task. When I feel this way, I leave it. (Isn’t that how we train dogs to relax? “Leave it” 🐶) anyway, it’s true. Sometimes you need to just let it go, & come back to it when you have a fresh head on your shoulders. So I left my clothes on the floor last night before I passed out. Don’t force yourself to get everything done at once. Prioritize which tasks need to be completed first & take your time. If only we were magic .. 🧞‍♀️
How do you all get your sh*t together after travel?!

There’s something about women uplifting other women, by spending time together, being supportive of one another, laughing together.. & sharing all of the foods. 💗🌮

Saw the waitress walk by with my sushi 🍣 Out of the pool I went...
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📸: @aubreyb16

Had such fun a time w| my fam in Miami this wknd! 🖤 Quickest trip of my life, but worth every sip of rosé 🌹 & all of the pain in my feet post wedges 😩 #notagoodplan #howdogirlsdoitthesedays #tellmesomethingidontknow #alsowhyamisoshort

Soakinggg up the beautiful sun here in Miami Beach, with a camel, that suggests we save water & drink rosé 💦🍓

Happy HumpDay! NEW VIDEO just uploaded for yas 🎥 on My First Lifestyle Product Review! The video is long so it’s split up to Part I & Part II. I talk about workout leggings, bikinis, healthy snacks, supplements, beauty products & more. Check it out & subscribe to my YouTube channel, link in bio. 💄🍹👙

Transformations come in all types. Some clients workout, stay active, & eat clean already.. but still want to learn the power of macronutrients. Proud of this client for being open minded to learning more about proteins, carbs, & fats.. & how to work them into her current routine for the very best benefits! 🦋

Hi! Let’s get this week started strong with healthy choices & a booty workout 🍑 Listen carefully or follow the prompts on proper form & instructions when adding these exercises to your next leg day. Also, if you’re in Philly how about this weatherr 🤤☀️

Kale it is ✔️🌿

Tips on Back Squats: keep your feet planted hip width apart or slightly wider for a proper BOR (base of support) + dig your heels through the floor at all times, especially when driving the weight back up + never lock out your knees when you stand up + SQUEEZE those glutes til they’re pancakes 🥞 + exhale on your way up to keep your core solid & able to support your movement + keep the bar located slightly down your lower back to engage your posterior chain. 💙 For more workout tips & recipes, send your email address to my DM.

Happy Fourth of July my friends! 🇺🇸Random knowledge for you: I used to always strive for my 6 pack to show. But then I realized a couple of things. 1. I love food 2. you NEED food to grow your muscles 3. It’s not realistic for everyone to maintain shredded abs at all times, maybe for some.. but not for me! 💕 Do what WORKS for your lifestyle, you can be lean + happy + eat food + workout on your own timeline. Be safe & enjoy your holiday! 🎆

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