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Jax Jeffkin  fitness trainer • lifestyle coach • holistic food junkie • occasional YouTuber + loves fashion, glam & pizza ✨


Simple dinner: 🥢 shredded cabbage & small pieces of chicken breasts sautéed in a tiny bit of veggie oil, once cooked through add Penang ginger Curry sauce from @target & serve over steamed jasmine rice w| steamed stringy beansss 🍚

How to use bands at home 💙 to better the booty! .
• banded jump squats #jaxbandjumpsq
• banded side lunges #jaxbandsidelung
• banded crab walks #jaxcrabwalks
WATCH for a better booty, 🧐

Lazy Sunday means black on black on black on black. 🖤 Who is with me?!

My ALL TIME favorite meatless burger omg 🍔 tap to see where I bought them, & double tap if you want more healthy food posts from me! 🍟

Last part to FULL BOOTY workout posted the last few days! Make every rep count. Dig the heels, squeeze the booty. 😝
• elevated seat abduction #jaxelevatedabd
• sliding lunges, weighted #jaxslidinglunges
• cable kickbacks #jaxcablekb
Enjoy, 🍑 {all vids from this workout sped up}

Throwback to highlighted messy buns & summer tans 😍 Speaking of summer, here’s a little ab workout for flat bellies if paired with good eating habits:
• low plank 30 seconds #jaxlowplank
• bicycle crunches 30 #jaxbicyclex
• v ups 10 each side #jaxvups #jaxsidev
• reverse crunches 30 #jaxreversecrunches
Enjoy, 🌤

Probiotics: microorganisms that assist in digestive health & are thought to offer health benefits depending on the strain of good bacteria it is. 💩 Where it can be found: yogurt, supplements, Kombucha tea (my fav), & other pretty drinks like this one! When I began to cut down dairy I stopped eating yogurt. I wanted a different form of probiotics so began drinking them instead. 💕

Next 3 exercizesss from Monday’s FULL BOOTY 🍑 workout:
• hack squat #jaxhxsq
• jump squat dual rope #jaxjsqdr
• split squats (low bc I’m short) #jaxsplitsq
♥️ Happy Valentines Day! {workout fueled by @optimumnutrition peach lemonade 🍋}

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥️ this photo is 3 years old but I loved this outfit so much. High waisted skirt, high neck crop. Tap for outfit details. 😘 XOXO

One of my favorite things to prep at night time before a busy week ahead. Egg muffins 🍳🍳 Need:
• scrambled eggs or egg whites
• any chopped veggies or cheese you like
• salt and pepper
• olive oil
• muffin tin
• Preheat oven to 350
• wipe or spray tin with olive oil
• pour egg mixture with any add ins, 3/4 if way
• bake 24 min
Seriously, it’s that simple. They’re so convenient & they heat up very well! 🧀🥦

Trained legs & booty with my gf @tudapooh last night! I warmed up w| squats on the rack & then filmed my ENTIRE BOOTY workout. 🍑🤭 Follow, so you can see the whole workout posted over the next 2 days:
• weighted step ups #jaxwsups
• kettlebell goblet sq #jaxgbsq
• banded gluts bridge #jaxbandgb
♥️, workout fueled by @optimumnutrition

Possibly standing on a stool 😂 tap for outfit details! Double tap if ya like my outfit! 💕

HEALTHY Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls 😍 Is it lunchtime yet?! Almost! See recipe below:
• Preheat oven to 350
• Shred or dice pre baked chicken breast (I like to bake with paprika, onion and garlic powder)
• Lay eggroll wrapper with corner toward you
• In a bowl, mix chicken breast, buffalo sauce, light Monterey Jack cheese, and diced cabbage or slaw or carrots!
• Add tbsp of mixture to corner, start to roll and using your pinky tuck the side corner in
• Dip finger in water and wet the top corner before you finish rolling. This will secure the wrapper!
• Place on lightly greased baking sheet, & brush each eggroll lightly with olive oil.
• Bake 20-30 min or until golden!
Dip in your choice of light ranch or Greek yogurt ranch 🥟🥕

Some of my favorite liddle ab workouts!
• rope pulls
• reverse crunches
• sky crunches
• leg grabs
♥️ shoes - concord J’s

Sundays are for coffee, rest, relaxation, massage, stretching, studying, meal prep, & good meals with family. 💆🏽‍♀️☕️ how often do you stretch & how often do you get massages? Comment below:

Dirty mirror, deodorant stains, messy room.. but at least I got my workout in 😜 double tap for {bargain} outfit details!

Had such a good time celebrating our Champions & our city! 🤩🦅💚🏆🏈

Whose attending the #SuperBowl Parade in Philly tomorrow?! 🙋🏽‍♀️🏈 sooooo exxccciteddddd that I’m reminiscing 💚🦅

NEW CROP ALERT 🤭 tap for details, $9 girlfriends! 💜

HOME STAIRS WORKOUT for anyone who doesn’t belong to a gym, doesn’t have time to get to the gym, works from home, etc! 🏡
• toe taps 30 seconds
• jump lunges 30 seconds per leg
• run ups 30 seconds
• burpees higher (easier) lower (harder) 30 seconds
♥️ have fun!

Two kettle bell finishers for your next leg day, ❤️ Jump Squats & Mini Kettle Bell Swings ✌🏽

Damn Straight! 👊🏼🦅#superbowlsunday

Ball capz all dayyy 🧢 Grab a notepad & jot down my workout from yesterday! It focused on shoulders & upper back, & included:
•Front shoulder raises
•Lateral shoulder raises
•Seated shoulder press
•Cable face pulls
•Seated high row machine
•Band abduction with resistance band
•Front raises with 2.5lb disc weights, counting down from 6, super slow.
•Rope lat push downs on cable machine
•High incline walk for 10 min!
PS - Found this pretty hat for $12.99. Tap for details.

•Define the front of your legs - leg extension
•Lift & grow the “shelf” - weighted bridges
•Target side booty - banded crab walks
•Target hips - semi circle banded crab walks
•Strengthen & lift the booty - banded kick backs
Take your time, SQUEEZE.
🎥 Video sped up at times.
PS - don’t know why I’m dressed like a Christmas decoration 🤷🏽‍♀️🎄

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