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Happy FRIDAY! ✨ By the end of the week I am ready for a big day in the gym. I tend to train hammies on Fridays, & practice my deadlifts. 🐷 but if you’re exhausted by the end of the week & not up for something so intense, try adding these band exercises into your workout circuit. They will still set the hams & booty on fire 🔥
Elevated Glute Bridges
Elevated Bridge Abductions
Reverse Lunges

Mmm good morning my little pumpkin heads! 🎃 Today’s breakfast is brought to you by my sister. She sent me this warm pumpkin oatmeal recipe, that is packed with essential vitamins & just enough spices to make you feel good. 🍁
1/2 C old fashioned oats
3/4 C almond milk unsweetened
1/8 C pumpkin purée
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
*can add toasted pecans
*drizzle with real maple syrup
Place oats & milk in a pot. Bring to boil on medium-high heat. Once boiling bring down to medium & simmer 3 minutes. Turn off and continue to stir. Add in all other ingredients. Top with pecan & syrup (optional) & enjoy 🤤

Fall hair ✨🍁 thanks to @hairby_marlee for adding a some fall foilage to my hairs (get it?? ..😐) Want to go see Marlee & receive 15% off of a service? Here’s how to win:
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Be sure to do all 3! 💇🏽‍♀️ I will randomly pick 1 winner by the end of the week (Friday morning) so enter asap! Marlee works her magic @salonbellabroomall which is located in Broomall, PA. So make sure you’re in the area!

I don’t always go into the gym with tons of energy. ☹️ When I feel this way I don’t push it, i listen to my body 💕 but rather than bagging my workout I just simply change it up. Sometimes I’ll go ahead with my planned workout & rather than adding weight I’ll push through with just the machines & just the bars. It helps me to keep my drive while “taking it easy”.
Exercises 🍑
- hack squat
- pulse squats
- reverse lunges
- calf raises
Where 👇🏽
- hack squat machine
- Olympic bar
Time ⏱
- 12 reps
- 3 rounds
Worked 💦
- quads
- booty
- calves

Who says you can’t wear a sweater w| sweatpants?? 🍂 its fall & Sunday, you can wear just about whatever you want. But, lately I am so obsessed with joggers. 🤤 I love the high waisted look - actually I’m really loving fall activewear. If you’re looking for some new comfy clothes tap the photo & see where I got these @underarmour joggers (for $20)!

Yay! Feels like fall finally. I won’t be fooled though. If Philly turns 80 & humid this wknd I won’t be shocked 🙄 But I did promise my pumpkin maple 🍁 protein shake so here you can have a taste of fall regardless of the weather!
1/2 c pumpkin purée
1 serving pumpkin spice or vanilla protein
3/4-1 c unsweetened nut milk
1/2 tbsp (real) maple syrup
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 frozen banana
For lower carb, replace banana with ice

Riding into fall like 🚴🏽‍♀️ cool air & crunchy leaves where are you?! It’s been so warm & humid here in Philly. Does anyone else get severe pressure headaches from the weather?? I always do, & they’re really no fun. 😣 If you can relate please comment below how you handle it & what I can try. Please & thank you 🙏🏼 (natural remedies preferred!)

Seriously had the time of my life yesterday. ✨ We all have things that we love outside of work or our day to day hobbies. One of mine happens to be football, specifically pro ball, & more specifically the @philadelphiaeagles 🏈 You can work as hard as you’d like but allow yourself to indulge in something that simply makes you happy! (Or makes you jump, yell, scream at he tv, etc.) {Thank you @ccraig3010 for such a wonderful day 🦅}

Cable Circuit for the Bum ✨
- stiff leg pull throughs
- squats
- stiff leg extension

Where 👇🏽
- cable machine

Time ⏱
- 12-15 reps
- 3 rounds

Worked 💦
- quads
- booty
- hamstrings

I got lots of questions about this Calvin Klein active sweatshirt! 💕 I love this top because it has a cowl neck rather than a hood & it’s super long! It goes perfect with any pair of workout leggings or ripped jeans. I paid $24.99 for this sweatshirt. Tap to see where I found it & double tap if ya like it! ✨

Medi Ball Workout 🏀
- seated ball pass
- pulse squats
- ball raises
- squat touch & press

Need 👇🏽
- medicine ball or dumbbell

Time ⏱
- 10 reps
- 4 rounds
- video sped up

Worked 💦
- legs
- booty
- obliques
- shoulders
- chest
- biceps

If you know me, you know I run a pretty hectic lifestyle. Always on the move, from place to place always on the go. I love what I do though. I’m not sure I’ve ever explained my work here. I am an online trainer yes but I’m not one of those lucky girls who has tons of clients online & I can work from home each day. Instead, I am one of those lucky girls who gets to work with every day people, face to face. Part of my weeks I spend in a large law firm in Philly, working as a fitness specialist for the staff, attorneys, & partners. It’s such a unique job & I’m really lucky to be in a position to help men & women of all ages or circumstances. I split my time between that, & building my own in home/online training business & lifestyle blog & a little side hustle. I am ALWAYS working. Back track 4 years ago & I was spending 5 days in the gym like clock work. I had a 9-5 desk job, which allowed me to head right to the gym after get in my session & repeat. Fast forward to when I broke into the fitness industry. I now have LESS time to hit the gym! The idea that I may workout with clients or classes is so false. I wish, but nope I am there to support the people & teach them how to be healthy but not to workout together. So when I have people approach me & say, “yeah I’d look like that if I worked in a gym all day too”.. NOT TRUE!! But I will tell you what DOES work.
CONSISTENCY.. I consistently choose to eat a healthy breakfast, bring my simple lunch, purchase healthy snacks, avoid buying junk food. I consistently get 3 cardio sessions in per week, no matter how quick. I am sure to train each body part once per week so that I am consistently reminding them to move & get strong. The answer is much more simple than you realize. The thing is, no matter how busy you are.. you have the ability to choose the better option, again and again. Don’t overthink things, & if you need help just ask ✨ no excuses!

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