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iamSamnotyou  πŸ’« Inner Chula. Outer Chula. Remain Chula πŸ’«

Bizzzzzzzle this morning! #listentothissong

Hip pop lmao. *waiting on my rice to finish .-.

Everybody remember boss? Lol #pictureperfect

Love my wildfox glasses. Yaaas good morning. Share love and light today

I made such a mess of my life growing up. I thought partying was fun and I had all these friends but ....whose gonna be there when the parties are over. ...God, with open arms. I was blessed with an unexpected gift (Jax) and a loving man beyond my dreams. My mother was saved and gave her life back to God. For the first in a while my family is coming together. I know life won't always be peachy but right now it is. So I'm up feeling beyond blessed by God. <3 #latenight #earlymorning #happyme

So proud to show off my family. πŸ˜†πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

My MAMA GRADUATED TODAY!! This weekend was one for the books. And today will forever be remembered. Keep praying for US, this is just the beginning. <3 #familystrong

And today is the big day!!!!!! :D

Jax just wants me to look good. Thanks son! #raisingjax

Family strong. I love you girls

Happy me.

Accepted In the beloved #mygirls #excited

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