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Another angle on yesterday's post. For the full story, check out the other caption✌️

After a day of friendly strangers and hot and cold Springs, I headed further south. Trying to find a free place to park for the evening is always a game I enjoy playing. Sometimes I ask, most times I assume. After grabbing some milk in this Indian reservation gas station, I got the OK to park on their property. Normally, anytime I see big trucks parked, I just pulled up next to them and don't think twice. By the time morning comes, even an empty parking lot like this turns into a packed house. It is only after having driven so many miles, I realize that truck drivers have probably seen the most amount of the country, compared to any other profession. Besides maybe, a train conductor. They are professional road trippers.

[if you know what this is called, don't come here. See story. Don't disclose location] after the previous picture, I drove further into desolate Nevada. I had heard of a place that existed that was off the beaten path. A place with such beauty, that I couldn't believe it wasn't a National Park. The sign clearly says no trespassing, and I thought for a second to break the rules to get a glimpse of this magic place. But, I had a feeling inside me to stay outside and fly the drone instead. Which I did. And as I was setting up the drone, someone arrived to the property, and I watch them drive in. I was so envious of the right to enter. Turns out, it was someone connected to the property, and I wasn't sure if the drone flying closely overhead was a nuisance, or normal. After returning the drone to myself because of low battery, I saw the vehicle make a move towards the exit. At this point, I had so much luck with friendly people on my trip on this day, that I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. So, I drove up to the gate, explained who I was and what I am doing, and asked for a moment inside to take a picture. On the short drive there, I was told that within the past 24 hours someone had likely tried to climb this magnificent sculpture, and crumbled the left portion forever destroying this beautiful work of natures art. The things that people do just to get a picture blows my mind. If it was indeed someone who climbed up there for a selfie, this would be a tragedy. Places like this only exist with protection from humans, or completely secret to humans. We humans are selfish. We consume, destroy, use up, and don't respect the land. That is why, instead of sharing this location with a happy story, I am urging people not to come here unfortunately. Otherwise, the same could happen in the future and this could be lost forever. Just imagine someone spray painting their name on it . Aside from this wonderful and tragic discovery, this day was another magical day where a stranger shared something truly magical with me. The video will be up next week. I need to find Wi-Fi.

So, after leaving Long Ranch and Jim, I began my trip south in the Northwest part of Nevada. Much of this area is it ranchland, and due to the fact there are multiple Springs of all temperatures, there is plenty of green grass year-round. In the rearview mirror is a Hot Springs situated just a few dozen feet from the main highway. And off in the distance is a chocolate malt colored flooded dry lake bed. I know, it's an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp. But, it is what it is. I was thinking of going for a dip in one of these Hot Springs with a "no trespassing" sign on it, but due to the fact that I had just taken a fresh Dr. Bronner's hobo bath at Long Ranch, I continued forward to search out new sights, smells, and sounds. Along the way, people driving towards me would waive at me, and I would wave back. It's amazing what a simple gesture to another person does to your mood. A simple acknowledgment can leave a smile on your face and a fresh feeling of optimism in your heart. To feel welcomed in an unfamiliar place is a great feeling. It's such a contrast to a big city, where if someone waved at you, most likely you wouldn't know how to respond back, except for a feeling of bewilderment. If you don't believe me, try waiting to a stranger in a big city. Aside from being completely abnormal, the reaction of the person you wave at can be quite entertaining. 👋

Having a bright colored bus, sure has impacted my experience on the road! This day, I was parked on the side the road next to a dry lake bed which had flooded, and a nice guy name Jim pulled up next to me. I showed Jim the bus, and said how I had bathed in the hot river I parked next to, and he told me that he was headed to a private Spring Ranch close by. Well, without hesitation I asked Jim if I could follow him to the property, and to my surprise he agreed. He led me down a 7 mile dirt road in Dan the Adventure Bus doing about 60 mph, which was pretty bad ass for a school bus!🚌💨along the way, I passed cattle ranchers letting out their cows of a trailer to feed. It was absolutely beautiful. It turns out, the property has a name called Long Ranch. It has natural spring water flowing onto the property, which they generate electricity from, and supplies water for the property. There are multiple dwellings that are available for rent, and I guess you book it online. After a quick tour, I hiked to the source on the hillside and again bathe myself in pure mineral water from the earth and filled up my water jug. These are the moments that will live with me forever. Thank you for reading this far. The video on this day will be up in a few days on my YouTube channel. ...
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Long before I started traveling in my bus, I found out about the coolest organization through Instagram. Unfortunately, I used to work weekend nights super late, so volunteering early morning was out of the question. But, after I quit my job, this is the thing I was looking most forward to being a part of. I really wanted to show up and surprise the guys tomorrow, but I've had some unexpected expenses lately, and round-trip to get there would be quite a lot. Since I depend on "gigs" to for my trip and haven't had one in many months, unfortunately I'll have to pass. But, I will be there in spirit. This is truly one of the most incredible organizations on the planet. Getting to take little kids out surfing with me is a magical experience. The joy that they have is contagious to all who attend the event. I would encourage all of you in the LA area to go check out this event tomorrow in person. I have made so many rad friends through this organization, and I invite you to do the same.
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Yo Nevada!! I'm here! I spent 36 hours at a place near Cedarville, California. Right on the border of Nevada. It's one of those places that gives you a free show when the lights are out. When the stars finally came out, it was so dark, and the stars were shining so bright! It was incredible. It's a cute town of about 500 people, and it is truly beautiful. I parked next to what I thought was a giant lake, but it turned out it was a huge lake bed that is normally dry. Because of a lot of rain, it was filled for the first time in many many years. To the right of this picture is a hot river where I took the ultimate hobo shower with Dr. Bronner's eco-friendly soap. It was the first bath I've had in several days. I come across so many beautiful places, I ask myself what my rush is? So, I stopped and smelled the proverbial flowers (there were none) and edited videos for my YouTube channel. Also, in an effort to eat healthier, I picked up a bunch of organic canned and boxed soups, which are healthier and more nutritious than everything I've had thus far. If you read this far, comment a blue emoji so I know that you read it. Thanks for the support!

Whether you call it #VanLife or #BusLife, i'm glad to see this movement gaining traction as an alternative to paying a mortgage or a landlord. One of the reasons I decided to convert a bus, was that it was the most cost-effective way to travel. As a full-time traveler, taking a car and paying for motels would be astronomically high. With a van or a bus, essentially any good place to park becomes your home for the night. It is so much easier than camping trips used to be with a tent, and a trunk full of supplies. Basically, I take my house with me wherever I go. For the first time in my life, I can proudly say that I am a home owner. And, I can say with absolute truth that I own it 100%. I know owning a home is the "American Dream", but unfortunately for many people across the country, including young people fresh out of college, that dream will never happen. With the increasing costs of higher education, and a culture of monthly payments, many people may never have the opportunity to own a home because they are trying to keep up with the Kardashian's buying fresh Yeezy's. Living in a small space also teaches you to choose your purchases carefully. You have a limited amount of space, so unless you are a hoarder, you will find it too easy to clutter your space quickly. How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many of those pairs of shoes can you wear at the same time? I really hope this catches on with young people, even as an alternative to a college dorm. If I would've done this in college, I would've saved probably $30,000 in loans. But, you learn from your mistakes and your previous experiences, and all you can do is share the knowledge that you've gained. There are only two ways to get more money in your pocket; either earn more, or spend less. How many of your "things" do you actually need to survive? My guess is that you could put all of your essentials in a vehicle. 📸: @gbaroth 🗣👇

What kind of photos do you guys like? Me in them, or me not in them? 🗣👇Stumped? Well, you are not alone 🌲

Been playing hide and seek with nature's most amazing places. Hot Springs🙌

Huge thank you to @nomadicfanatic.tv for helping me reach 5K on YouTube! Several people kept telling me I should look up a guy who lives in an RV, and travels around full-time as a YouTuber. I had seen his videos before, and after the last time hearing his name mentioned, I reached out to Eric. To my surprise, he responded to me quickly and agreed to meet up and hang out with a complete stranger for a day. I must say, it was quite fun caravaning around in 2 adventure vehicles for the first time so far. If you guys aren't for familiar yet, Eric has hundreds of videos posted on his popular channel that are a great resource for anyone traveling in the vehicle, or considering living in one. In 48 hours, my account doubled because of the feature on his channel. I was so flattered and amazed, and so grateful. If you're reading this and you are not aware that I am doing daily videos living in a converted school bus, that is what I am doing. I sold everything in risked it all to travel through the 49 states that I can drive to, and Canada for the purpose of documenting what I keep hearing is "the dream." I meant to get a better picture of the two of our vehicles together, but I totally forgot. Next time! Thanks, Eric!

It wouldn't be a secret, if I told you where the secret bridge is.

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