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  Meditation & Skateboarding... #mediskation ⬇️breathe to heal⬇️

March 16, 2018 - This day was a great day...
I know that sounds strange given the fact that this happened, but this has shown me so much more good than bad. That day, my friends went into battle with me. They took care of me and stayed with me until the hospital literally kicked them out. My dad saw the footage of the slam and jumped on a plane immediately.... I woke up with him by my side thinking it was 2016 (hence the video of me asking who the president was) 😂
This all could have gone a different way... but it didn’t. And I’m really happy about that. Im really grateful I’m able to be here right now tapping away on this little computer in my pocket.
I’m grateful for all the unpleasant shit in life that teaches you wake up and be present. I posted this because that’s what this did for me. It made me come back to the only place you can ever be - here... It’s pretty strange here, but I’m happy to be here with all you.
I wouldn’t be where I am without the people I’ve met in this life. Much respect to every one of those people. You know who you are and I fucking love you.

“Slam section” - music by Nat!! @nat_brower @thrashermag full video at thrashermagazine.com

📸: Eric Palozzolo ( @instapizzle )

Mother Nature... Spider VS Wasp

😛filmed by Kyle @kyle_alto

“We gotta remind ourselves to be present”
Ollie and Cody ❤️ Rest In Peace

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help... I am here and happy to listen.

For those of you that have asked me to make more of these, I will try. It is a step out of my comfort zone, but if I can help anyone in anyway then that makes me happy. #mediskation

Thank you @skatemalmo.se // @nils for inviting me to Sweden to sk8 with my friends, old & new❤️ ❤️❤️ @villewester @diegotoad @vxtaousen #thankyouthankyouthankyou

@eeezmoney ‘s angle 😁

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