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Jawbone  A healthier lifestyle is easier with support from friends and family. Discover real health and fitness stories from the UP community. #getUPtogether

Lace up your skates or grab your skis and get outside! Torch hundreds of calories while having fun🎿 #WorkoutWednesday

Channel your inner Picasso with art therapy to combat winter blues. Encouraging creativity within will help you destress. 🎨

Does the weather have you trapped inside? Fight the urge to hunker down and climb your way to fit. Rock climbing can burn up to 900 calories per hour 😳 (and you don't have to be outside to do it!)

The New Year is near, but only 8% of us keep resolutions. Set yourself up for success by setting a small specific goal.

There's no better time than now to reflect on how much you've accomplished this year! What are you most proud of? 🎉 🎊 #NYE

Did you know? You’re 30X more likely to laugh when with others. Break out the holiday comedies and let the laughs roll in.

Enjoy the lights, laughter, and warmth—happy holidays!

Don't let jet lag drag you down. Avoid naps and soak up some sun upon arrival to take full advantage of holiday travel! ✈️☀️

Decorating your home for the holidays can burn up to 250 calories per hour. Building a snowman? That'll burn up to 259 calories per hour.

When you can’t hit the gym, say "om." Meditation triggers a release of the same mood-boosting chemicals as exercise.

Holiday Party Blues? Stick to one type of drink and try to go for lighter-colored ones, as they tend to be lower in chemical by-products that can worsen a hangover. 🍸🎄

Did you know that creating lists reduces stress and boosts creativity? Maybe your holiday wish list isn't the only list to make this month.

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