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Javier Betancourt  Miami, FL Tattooer/Owner of Ocho Placas Tattoo Company - This Is Meant To Hurt You @thisismeanttohurtyou - White Rose Coffee @whiterosemia


Small cover up today @ochoplacastattoo

Progress Today on @marco_vergel @ochoplacastattoo

Gnarly full hand blast over to end my night @ochoplacastattoo

First one down today @ochoplacastattoo on @melbunnyy thank you so much for coming through!!!

Fun one to end my night @ochoplacastattoo small Jensen cowgirl on top of a wrist.

Had the pleasure to sit down with the @teamsoul crew last week to talk about tattooing, weight training and toaster strudels. Go to iTunes and check it out: Team Soul Podcast

Different but very fun one to end my night @ochoplacastattoo

Did this classic on @juliobtattoo today @ochoplacastattoo

Healed Virgin Mary from a few months back @ochoplacastattoo

Healed Virgin Mary from a few months back @ochoplacastattoo

Added this eye and tear to @jessexfeinman above a healed tiger I did a while back.

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