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Javier Betancourt  Miami, FL Tattooer/Owner of Ocho Placas Tattoo Company - This Is Meant To Hurt You @thisismeanttohurtyou - White Rose Coffee @whiterosemia

Ending my night @ochoplacastattoo with this one on @iamdebij

Healed on @icantmasse

Last night in @quinn8p @ochoplacastattoo

Fun one today on my brother to start my day. @ochoplacastattoo

First one today @ochoplacastattoo

Healed on @quinn8p

First one today @ochoplacastattoo

First one today @ochoplacastattoo on @themoon_runner

Cover up in progress to end my night @ochoplacastattoo background and white next session

A ton of webs to fill up some more on @carlyfuckingdavidson ‘s torso. I didn’t do the stag center piece.

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