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Jauretsi  Makin' beautiful things happen in The New Cuba (follow @thenewcuba)


A very late father shout-out because, well, Cuban internet. Here's my favorite man in the world, photographed just around the age he left Cuba chaotically to begin a new life in the US. Its been a long road for everyone. See you soon Papi! Miss you guys. #Belated #FathersDay

Havana Showgirls. Back in the Days

A few flights up to a sweet gallery #artday #saturday #havana

I can’t let the day end without nodding my head and paying respects to the ethereal spirit we just lost, Mr Benjamin Cho. I snapped this pic at one of my birthday parties in New York back in early 2000’s. Paul Sevigny had just left his financing job to pursue a new passion, DJ’ing full time (cue up his infamous spot, Beatrice Inn, a little later). Then there was Sway, the West Village weekly party. What can I say about Ben? Those days he was curating rooms, moods, and people through Fashion, keeping us in anticipation of his Collection shows, akin to watching theater with concept pieces worn by the raddest chicks. My memories of Ben were less on the catwalk, and more in the DJ booth, where we swapped places often during switch-outs, or just stared out into the dance floor together for hours. I’ll never forget his set. It was a hearty mix of Morrissey, Smith, Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Peter Murphy, toss in a few innocent Motown jams like Mr.Postman (that was more my genre, funk’n’soul). I remember being so pleasantly surprised upon first walking into one of the Sway parties. I was actually old enough to remember when these records were first released, but here was a new scene, the revival of the Bauhaus movement in a dark sweaty club to a new group of ears, hearts, and minds. I always found the lyrics from that genre to be rooted in melancholia, sometimes depression, but these uplifting sets that Ben would spin somehow gelled all the misanthropes together, smiling together over moody lyrics, mouthing the words in unison “Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, it’s serious”. It was utter joy, and Ben was the conductor of it all these nights. RIP Ben, and thank you for coloring my NY memories. See you on other side, brothah! RIP #BenCho

Its so hot, girls be bunning up their hair #roma

One more. Nestled between these 2 lovebugs. Come back again soon! @benpundole @ahotellife

Driving past Jose Marti sitting all pensive as another day closes on the Plaza of the Revolution, and its tower is eclipsed by a Cuban palm. #revolutionsquare

In honor of Cannes Film festival which just passed, here's an ancient polaroid of my ex-editor days working tirelessly #hardlyworkin #workinhard #hotelducap

To a lovely pair, and to doing the Havana rounds with one of my favorite human beings @benpundole ... so good to have you visit! Happy birthday brotha!

Havana. Friends. Weekend. Mojitos. It's all a blur. (Happy birthday Ani) @traveldo.se

Summer Goals

New guard dog #LaRosa

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