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Jauretsi  Watching, rooting, and supporting all things Cuba #GiveMeFuture #QuestForCuba #Producer

Happy 100th birthday to a man who is still alive in spirit, #NelsonMandela. No, this is not a fake photo, just a blurry capture of an old memory I hold in deep focus, and a gift of a trip with an old friend who graced us with the best journey through South Africa, including a stop at Mandela’s home in Johannesburg. #bucketlist #blessed @randallslavin @juancarlossaizar @ivanamilicevic

Bala feelin’ her new balcony... and new king size bed thanks to @hachymendez .. thx for the care package hermana!

The face of 4 delirious women stuck in an elevator after 20 hrs of manning a music festival #alocubano #noesfacil #josonevaradero #tropixme #regram @grettel_jimenez_singer

Afro-Cuba vibes all night with legend #munequitosdematanzas performing live. #josonevaradero #rumba #cuba #TropixMe

Lobby, Habana Riviera ❤️

Just shouting out two of my favorite Cuban homies on their birthday which just passed, @joseparla and @susanamohammad .This photo was snapped last year on an adventure through Havana one night, because this year, we were all separated. I cant believe it’s been another year that’s rolled by. Instead of 2 people here, technically, I got 4 people, with the Gemini twin energy in each. Te quiero hermano y hermana! #felicidades #gemini

Father Juanito (left), Boxer Rocky Marciano (middle), Grandpa/Abuelo Juan (right), taken in Havana 1950’s, Centro Vasco. To all the badass men in my life! Happy Fathers Day #DiadelosPadres

On this Fathers day, I’m posting a silly photo my family took at Universal Studios in LA during our visit as kids. In all my childhood vacation photos, my dad was always goofing off, grabbing a statue, staging a moment, feigning a fall, etc. His inability to take a normal photo was always peppered with making everyone laugh. Juan is always fun to be around, adventurous too! That tick extended to our restaurant, always making sure someone had a drink in hand, or the show begun... of course my mother enabled all this too. I specifically remember the day we took this fake saloon photo which he was so excited to take, along with his cowboy cohort, my brother Juan Carlos, lookin all tough guys next to that whiskey 🥃 (the Saizar ladies had their own awesome portait... to be seen another day!) Felicidades hoy Papi, and thank you for creating such a bright childhood full of laughs! Never stop enjoying life like a kid! Te quiero! #FathersDay

"The toothpaste is out of the tube and there’s no putting it back. Cuba is changing.....It’s a country on the verge of something. Cuba itself is beautiful. The Cuban people are uniquely wonderful: proud, resourceful (you sort of HAVE to be in Cuba), educated—and funny as hell. Even crumbling from neglect, Havana is the most beautiful city in all of Latin America or the Caribbean. The rum is the finest in the world, bar none. The music fantastic. Everyone in the world will want to go there—and they soon will." If you haven’t seen Cuba through the lens of Anthony Bourdain, then you haven’t absorbed Cuba through its food properly. Check it online on this most heart sunk week as we pay homage to another spectacular soul gone too soon. #RIPBourdain 🙏🏼 and thank you for the visit.

Bonjour, Paris. Oh how i missed you

#cubandogs 🐶🇨🇺
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Drive the blues away
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