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guys. spoiler alert: I'm starting to update my website and online store. which means internet strangers can buy things from me. and maybe you can too! (if you find something you like). (if you don't, I'm sorry. that's so sad). (but maybe eventually you will!). (and then THAT will be online for you!). anywho. spoilers coming in a scattered way, and then I'll share the whole shebang when it's ready.
bonus points for those who find my new Instagram account without me posting it. (bonus points can be redeemed for hand holding and maybe snail mail).

my only complaint is too few smashing groups.

"most would call what I did today, a combination of terrible swings, zero contribution to the scramble, handing over 10 golf balls to the course, and getting a sunburn. they absolutely would not call it golf. (and I would agree). I called what I did today, a victory. a very very small step in the journey." golfing. ohhhhh what a mental sport. on the blog. http://www.jamieshea.ca/blog/2017/9/22/golfing

new life motto #biggeridiotsthanyou (πŸ“Έ/πŸ–Œ via: #myfavoritemurder)

this can be considered art, right? mostly I just love anything that allows me to work with gold/silver/any metallic paint.

I listen to murder podcasts and ghost stories when I run, so at least the scenery is beautiful?

little hidden spaces in the big concrete jungle

little pinecones on branches and little sun rays on faces and little beers on picnics.

uncovering old film >

for the record, this kid is KILLIN' it on her bike. no more training wheels, taking hard corners, and makeshift kick stands. she's such a (6yr old) badass. (obviously takes after her auntie Jamie). (which she also informed me, will be spelt 'jaime' from now on, because "that's how [she's] going to spell it").

I did - however - come home with this beauty. add it to the collection of 'things that will definitely make potential/future in-laws hate me'. (the collection is growing at an alarming pace).

pretty much the best photo I got from super crawl. so basically it wasn't any fun at all.

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