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sunsets in Texas - but I only had queso 3 times this week; so for that, and other reasons (but 99.99% queso), can’t wait to be back.

always have the best of the best of the best. if they’re not applauding you, you should be applauding them. real. genuine. applause. 👏🏾

jury duty.

drake came to pick up some more dance moves from yours truly

hope you guys like food and beautiful things from the ground and pictures of those things because I have a fridge full of yummy produce and DAMN these blood oranges are so striking and who needs art when you have VEGETABLES (and fruit, as it were). (clearly I’ve been working 16 hour days in my house and am now engaging in life changing conversations with the grapefruit).

make (keep!) friends who send you palo santo and stones from afar; who may not know that smoky quartz is among your top 3 stones, but somehow knowwwww (you know?); who send you the same quote you have printed in giant size, hung in your bedroom so it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up. ‘make new friends, but keep the old. one is silver and the other gold’
thank you my beautiful friend!

(please excuse my crumbs - my easter carrot cookie was delicious so I’m happy even though I didn’t catch the little rabbit who brought it). (I’m retired).

employing some reeeeeealllll cleansing this weekend with sick and missing family time and all the things that throw plans off the rails. but instead - amethyst and sage.

(now back to your regularly scheduled programming: GREY).

flashback to the one time I saw the outside of the hotel. and how magical it was.

also, if I was a money burner, I would have spent $50 US to buy a wand and make magic things happen in windows.
I drank beer instead.

giant GIANT plants and rollercoasters aka my perfect dreamland. (I had a dream last night about my trip to universal studios last week, but there was less pizza and more dinosaurs than during my actual visit).
🍕 < 🦕

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