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Jason Whitlock  Co-host of @sfyonfs1 with Dat Dude @marcelluswiley weekdays at 3pm est.

Message to faith-based athletes.

LeBron James and Tom Brady have nothing in common. LeBron wants to be 'More Than An Athlete' and Brady just wants to be the greatest athlete. #Whitlogue

LeBron is about to pull off the biggest heist since Ocean's 13. It will be called 'Ocean's 23: The Heist of Anthony Davis.' #Whitlogue

Bill Belichick put me in a clown suit on Sunday. #Whitlogue

Colin Kaepernick isn't a serious activist fighting for racial equality, he just wants to be famous. #Whitlogue

Adam Gase is the poster child of this QB-crazed era of pro football. #Whitlogue

Tom Brady is the Muhammad Ali of his era. #Whitlogue

We're live on FS1 right now. Tune in!

The Arizona Cardinals will regret hiring Kliff Kingsbury. #Whitlogue

The playoff system has ruined college football. #Whitlogue

Yesterday's show was fun having WBC Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder & former Pro-Bowl DB DeAngelo Hall on set with us. #SFY

The picture speaks for itself. #WCLegends

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