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Jason Stinchfield  Helping others learn a craft to start their own business. Find me on etsy, youtube, and RioGrande.com. #jasonsworks @jasonsworks

I had my first ever surprise birthday party with some good old friends :)

120 year old gypsy wagon from France. I wish this could talk!

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Something I made years ago. A walking liberty half dollar coin bracelet. I used silver coin scrap to make my own twisted square white. At the jck show last year at the Rio Grande booth, I welded the links using an Orion 150s pulse arc welder rather than something. Loved it!
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Went on a ride the other day with some friends in Albuquerque. I was the only one representing the dirt but that's quite alright. Had a blast going on a big group ride!

#motorcycle #dukecityrockers #groupride #beta

Alloyed some coin silver to sterling in the class. Used a Bonny Doon pattern plate # 110-719/07 and a Durston rolling mill. Now to punch it out using Swanstrom Disc cutter and a Jason's Works auto punch to begin the seamless ring making proces. Super nice!

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Swipe to see more. Some pictures of the students rings from this week's class at Rio Grande. This class nocked it out of the park for quality and quantity. First time for a three day class, got to add roll printing, sterling alloying from coin scrap, and stone setting in a coin ring with Phil Scott. Next class is in August. Be sure to visit riogrande.com to sign up. Seats are filling fast.
#riograndejeweler #riogrande #coinring #coinring#silversmith @jasonsworks #jasonsworks

A seamless ring I made for the class this week at Rio Grande. This is a copper ring with a 36 grit sand paper texture I imprinted using a Durston roller. So cool!! Took about 20 minutes.
#riograndejeweler #riogrande #silversmith #seamlessring #coinring #coinringtools #jasonsworks @jasonsworks @riogrande

A very cool piece I picked up from an old friend of mine in Mena Arkansas. A 1966 40% silver half dollar with what looks to be a coined or repousse 3D face of JFK. I haven't seen too many of these. Most likely coined but I need Phil Poirier, Peter Gilroy or Mark Nelson's expert opinion. (Swipe to see more, what do you think?). I Also picked up some scrap sterling silver. Always good to practice on some scrap jewelery (my soldering needs some....a lot of work). This pawn shop is where I first heard of Rio Grande. (Scroll to see the pawn shop store front). I came in years ago needing to borrow a ring stretcher to resize a coinring I had made for one of my very first customers, a very finicky customer. I remember being very stressed out and thinking, "I hope not all my customers are like this". Lol! When the shop owner saw what I was resizing, a coin ring, he became very fascinated. He went to the back room, came back and threw in front of me a Rio Grande catalogue and said, "You need to look through this". My jaw hit the floor. I spent the entire night thumbing through the catalogue saying, "I need this, and this, and this....". The Durston rolling mill, Swanstrom disc cutter, and bonny doon press was at the top of my list. I contacted Rio Grande, was blown away by the customer service and the rest is history. I was able to return the favor to my friend and gave him a 2018-19 Rio Grande catalouge 👍 Everything happens for a reason.
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Finished up a1940 walker size 7. Punched a 5/8" hole on this one. Used the swede die and switched between the ross pushers and tall brass plungers to get it just right. Final shaping on the 17 a nd 25 degree dies. Did a black max patina with a renaissance wax finish.
#coinring #coinringtools #silver #silversmith @jasonsworks @riogrande #riogrande

My jaw dropped when I saw this. Located at a truckstop/car museum on the border of new Mexico and Texas. ( scroll to see more) I sat and talked to the museum host for hours. So many stories! First person to test fly an F1-11... plus more stories I can't share! A must stop to see all of the cars. 86 in all and they rotate them every 6 months. I got a 46' Willys my grandfather gave to me that I have fixed up twice in my life and need to one more time. My dad had a white 57' Tbird in high school. White with a black hard top. He sold it to his high school friend over 50 years ago.

#willysjeep #tbird #corvette #museum #cushmam #yamaha

Finished up another silver cocktail spoon. I put up 1 of 2 videos of how I make them on my YouTube channel, Jason's Works. Fun project and a great way to use your silver scrap from you're coin rings.
#silversmith #jasonsworks #badassery

My next project I think. Wrench tomahawk with san mai chainsaw chain and steel cable Damascus on either side. I owe a wedding present to an old buddy.

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